1. that Wyvern stew is awfully well taken, you can tell someone actually love stew irl lol.

  2. I wish E3 is still going strong, it's more organized than everyone do everything. I can't catch any news because there is no proper timetable.

  3. Senpai I aspired to be. Idk about japan's culture, but she is still really young, this will help her more ease into the acting career.

  4. Surround police station to protest library? I wish I have the front row seat to this. No idea how these people find time at 10:30am on a Monday morning.

  5. I think the difference between Kaguragi and Himeno. Himeno don't mind getting dirty to protect her people, but Kaguragi WILL get dirty for his people.

  6. This anime is unnecessary well made... Those hair animations are so good with great story too. This is one of those anime I recommend to my friends. And probably my favorite anime of the season.

  7. Keiwa and Neon is getting really good, unlike the 2nd round tournament, they can defeat a higher rank without full suit or help. If there is another normal round of tournament, they could be really good contestants.

  8. I'm not sure if I'm wrong in this analogy/theory, but they twisted the story of Icarus and the bird as an example of Kevin wasn't trying to win against the trio. He is there to give the trio a new goal, and make them stronger. He set this goal but couldn't do it, so the new generation of "heroes" could try to achieve it. Hence he let them cook. Also he was an tired old man waiting to die.

  9. They have to pay shipping 3 times and guess the address. Because the person didn't fill his form correctly with 2 full months time lol. Yeah this is a kind message.

  10. I would love to throw in a prediction that, red would go back to Raculas, and Gira would become Ookuwagata.

  11. I did that to a person during wind trace. He is now a friend of mine that I will never have a convo with.

  12. May I ask what part of Canada you reside in? (East Coast, West Coast, Central, etc.)

  13. West coast. I got it in Alberta, and I know my friend in BC also got his.

  14. Why did he have his phone or camera with him in The shower?

  15. Some people like to put phone in plastic bag, so they can watch YouTube videos while showering. I'm not one of them, but I know someone that does that.

  16. To be fair, it's not easy for first timer. But after you do it once, it's easy.

  17. Wait a second this is not digimon. They are just selling Vital Bracelet.

  18. I'm not gonna lie, before Sumeru, I feel like Paimon has only act as the traveler's translator or guides, but Sumeru patch has been building this amazing relationship of the two, its like they can't and shouldn't be separate anymore.

  19. I fkin hate my life, I never expect in my life I would scream out loud, to a dog to cough up an old man's dick.

  20. This is weird to say, Ziin's actor is really good a great job with a lot of emotions, I want to see where he will go after this series.

  21. Rider kick that looks like kiva, and it's female, so you throw in kivala, nice touch.

  22. Dam... I feel bad for the anime only watcher. That being said, I wish they just release a movie to 2 for the last 4 episodes. I wonder how will they squeeze in 4 episodes in random timeslot.

  23. With the pace they are going at they will need another full cour's worth of episodes so a movie wouldn't really work. Unless their intention is to only adapt the first half of it which would be a shame as the second half is considerably better.

  24. same, I couldn't ask much, but if they do the other ending, I'm all for it.

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