1. It depends on how you define the player base. I agree with the other comment here describing red ranks as "early intermediate." You certainly know more about the game than some guy who likes to drink a few beers and mash buttons with his friends, but if you keep playing--and you should!--you'll eventually look back on Genbu as a cesspool of button-mashing bozos. I remember Genbu feeling so intense when I first got there, but now when I see red-rank play, I want to slap everyone.

  2. am i right to think that there's been an uptick in people being what i would describe as "alienated from their own desires" lately? all of a sudden everyone is suspicious about porn, suspicious about masturbating, spreading pseudo-science in cult-like communities.

  3. Yeah, I hate to tell you, but you can literally spam projectiles at the AI and it'll just run into them. The AI stops getting more difficult after a certain rank.

  4. When I see things like this, I just have the sense that I'm programmed differently than many people. There seems to be in so many people this weird compulsion to thin the herd, to find the people who are different or offbeat and to drive them out. I've never felt that urge myself, but I can see it at work in others, and I can see that it's never satisfied; they want always to make more and more cuts, to make the ingroup more and more exclusive. It excites and obsesses them.

  5. I mean, if I can't win against a TGO alt, I'd not consider myself ready for high ranks.

  6. Do you know how to read? I did beat three out of five of them, but yes, I would still like to fight my actual peers once in a while. That really isn't a ridiculous expectation.

  7. its way easier to climb on ps4 than on pc, tekken god players on ps4 are as good as blue ranks on pc

  8. This is a dumb version of the poll. There are varieties of changes beyond simple "nerfed" or "buffed."

  9. If I'm getting the right impression of the dynamic in your relationship, he probably understands more or less where you are physically. It's not like he's going to be surprised; if he's not a piece of shit, he'll be supportive.

  10. I have Julia's T3 theme set on jukebox to play at Souq.

  11. Even a stuck clock is absolutely accurate twice a day.

  12. We agree on lots of shit. I just think you have weird ego issues.

  13. "Braindead mashfest" without ever touching the game lmao

  14. We've had plenty of promotional material and extended interviews. They've made their intentions clear. And the "center" of my point is about Akuma, not T8. Learn to read.

  15. One interesting thing is that his throw game becomes a mix-up. Typically, you can break throws by looking at the leading arm(s) of the throw and pressing the corresponding buttons. From back-turned stance, however, all throws look the same, so your opponent has to guess.

  16. Your entire post is based on pre-Tekken 7 gameplay. None of it applies in this game.

  17. No, you're straight-up wrong here. Generics can be broken with either hand, yes, but there are still button-specific command throws Hwoarang can do from back-turned. Hwoarang (and Kuni and Feng and probably some others) have throw mix-ups from their back-turned stances.

  18. As long as you learn to avoid Akuma's , Lucky Chloe and Nina's RA which is just jumping back in the right moment, you will be fine, the rest you just have to block. In this game if you make a mistake, it can cost you the match and it is not for people that gets easily frustrated. Online means war, mate

  19. Nina's? Nina's you just block. LC you block low.

  20. Unless I am doing something wrong, Nina's rage art is unblockable, I will definitely check it out tonight when I return home.

  21. I can tell you for sure it is a typical, mid Rage Art.

  22. It depends what you want out of the character. Heihachi, for example, is the most pressure-based. At the wall he is an absolute nightmare. Optimizing him is notoriously difficult (it involves crouch cancels for some punishes and learning his "omen thunder god fist" in addition to his regular electric), but honestly, he can take you rather far in ranked with far less than optimal play. He has some nasty (albeit launch-punishable) lows to spam, along with some plus-on-block stuff, some gimmicks--basically, I think he's the one a beginner could have the easiest time with.

  23. Among these Katarina. Overall I think it’s close between Kat and Shaheen, maybe even Negan and Noctis not far behind.

  24. Law is already a beginner friendly character, and Shaheen is like an even easier version of him. He has all the bnb Tekken tools and all very accessible, df1, magic 4, hopkick, orbital, low poke, etc. and he’s super intuitive to play. Only thing difficult about him execution-wise is slide but this really isn’t something new players need that much.

  25. Okay, so you literally mean "simplicity of use" rather than "ease of winning." Shaheen has basic and intuitive tools, but he doesn't have prepackaged knowledge checks really, so the people using him are earning their damage--at least more so than half the cast.

  26. I don't think you can chicken Jin's parry, however, yes it is very punishable 👍 but I get caught during my mixups 🥲

  27. No, it really isn't that punishable. He should try to play around it with lows, throws, and timing mixups.

  28. I think part of the problem is that this series just has so many iconic characters. I'm also surprised we haven't seen Yoshimitsu, Hwoarang, or Xiaoyu yet--all three of those (and Steve too) are more iconic in my mind than that Karen Lars.

  29. If only I could find some of these reactive jins you speak of.

  30. There's no changing this guy's mind. I'm good at picking up on people's tics, and I'm pretty sure this guy is both on the autism spectrum and has some kind of narcissistic personality disorder. I can't stop looking at his comments the way I can't stop looking at a train wreck because they're literally just symptom after symptom.

  31. I misunderstood the context and thought you were about to start fucking people up.

  32. do those fourteen-year-olds spamming chain grabs with King in ranked seem like they know every move?

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