1. People are testing positive longer than 5 days.

  2. I read the guidelines. Common sense would say if you are still positive don’t expose others. I was still positive at 14 days so why, with your math, would I expose people for 4 days?

  3. That doesn’t mean you were contagious. I feel like I’m talking in circles here. Is a person with a negative test and symptoms early on in an infection contagious?

  4. I kind of do. Now that most of the population has some immunity it is less likely you’ll a. Be exposed b. Catch it. I just had it and didn’t realize at first. No one around me got it at work or home despite me not realizing I should test for several days. People at work got it last year but we’ve never given it to each other.

  5. LOL will do. At 145 my family thought I had an eating disorder, I've had many people call me thin (even last night with PMS bloat on me)...I personally don't see it and am always freaking out about my weight, but maybe it's just my frame. The point is, I'm no longer overweight, and I have very little muscle :)

  6. Yeah , I’m 5’4” and 138-140. You are three inches taller and nearly the same weight. Even if you get a trainer I suggest checking out megsquats , she’s my height and I think goes a bit over 140 at times due to muscle. I don’t think you’re looking to be thin but strong. Me too!

  7. Who says? Delta, because they were losing money? OP doesn't feel well and is still testing positive. OP is sick. Stay home.

  8. Their doctor told them how to deal with it.🤷‍♀️

  9. People are so salty I’m saying listen to your doctor.

  10. If he’s been taking them for 12 years, he’s probably not just taking one pill

  11. 5th image is dated 3/13/2020, well before covid was a polarized or even recognized event in the US, outside of a few cases in WA, NY and OR. There were no established guidelines at that point.

  12. Bullshit on what? That’s the day schools told kids they could come back on Monday and get their stuff and then school was closing for “two weeks.”

  13. I think the funniest part of this to me is that you're getting your philosophy from the movie adaptation of I, Robot

  14. And the second funniest thing is reading your name in regard to your comment this is guy getting his philosophy from I, Robot.

  15. How do you feel about men dressing up as Superheroes and visiting kids with cancer? How about comic cons? Halloween? Where do you draw the line? On pretend? Can women dress like men?

  16. The old Davenport and Aunties. The walk along the river and through the park is nice.

  17. You can go back to work with a mask after day five until day ten. The CDC does not require you to test out of isolation.

  18. Since when is doing something with good intentions an affront to other causes which may be deemed more worthy? It's not either, or.

  19. Because someone is holding a candlelight for a dog. That’s why. We were super sad when we put our dog to sleep, you didn’t see me on here arranging a candlelight. Drama queens.

  20. And you have to be the center of it to be a complete ass instead of just going on your way. Your ridiculous negative is necessary. Plenty other internet threads you can like things you actually enjoy.

  21. Ya know. I don’t think it’s being ridiculous to point out this is over the top. Obviously this person is targeting people. When you say a person has executed a dog you are gunning for that person/people. It’s irresponsible and dangerous language. People are nuts, I think people should use a little more common sense. I think OP is an ass and I don’t think this is positive in anyway. I’m sure the people at SCRAPS are doing the best they can, but now they have people accusing them of executing dogs for apparently no reason despite admitting it’s been years since they’ve done something like this.

  22. Fasting is stressful to the body, so is pregnancy. Sounds like a bad idea, Muslims don’t have pregnant women fast during Ramadan because of this.

  23. Totally wrong, becoming your own design/build for high end residential work is one of the best ways to make a lot of money. Working for someone else, yes. Low pay and stuck at a desk way too much.

  24. Not everyone wants to work for themselves. We did and no we didn’t get rich. 😝

  25. I'm not rich but have a very comfortable life. Also my job feels more like a hobby than a job. But understandable.

  26. That’s great. They asked for pros and cons from different people.

  27. I stopped testing after day 10 and followed CDC guidelines. Wore my mask three days longer than recommended and then resumed normal life. Not one other person in my life got it, I still don’t know where I got it. I was reading they don’t have evidence people spread it much after 7 days.

  28. Just to update. We took her to the doc. They tested her again, negative and cleared her to go on Friday. Thanks for the responses!

  29. Great news! I just got over Covid and no one else in my family of five got it, kids took tests and had negatives and went to school.

  30. I don’t think her child has Covid. She has never tested positive and feels fine.

  31. I’m 16 days post positive and feel sooooo much better after lots of crying and anxiety. It started getting better day 13.

  32. I don’t mean to downplay your symptoms but those don’t meet the definition of severe. It sounds like it’s a good thing you were vaxed.

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