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  1. Gotcha are there any other similar companies? Is computer center still a thing?

  2. Or leverage your position to put pressure on the market for price increases. There are literally options to do this.

  3. We already know the price is wrong. Continuously doing it is stupid. We want to raise the price and buy through Computershare. We want to lift the price and not show that it's suppressed. We already know

  4. So you can’t buy it, realize 150 percent gains, and then sell it right away?

  5. It might go up tomorrow it might not. If you know let me know so then I know

  6. Burrrrry said he is not short and he has predicted everything so also history doesn’t repeat itself

  7. It takes 444k of coke stock to make 1k a month. Saw a TikTok the other day of a guy doing the math.

  8. Yeah man it was about 100/zip then I just flipped it for more cash, but sadly that cash made my pill habit worse :/ but 6 years clean now and I'm just starting out growing myself. It definitely feels nice to get into something and try it out. Sorry for the story lol

  9. How much do you sell an oz for? Just curious on the going price.

  10. I haven't sold an oz in ages. I just buy my stuff from the dispensary as of right now, while I'm growing my own. Sorry I can't help.

  11. One of the first things I remember when I started using reddit

  12. Upstart is on reg sho and Friday will start force to close also the company has 250mil set aside for share buy back and if they don’t complete before the year is over they will get taxed on it so need to finish before year end.

  13. I used to use boxed years ago i thought the prices were good and the convenience of it was great. I lived in a small town and any decent grocery was a 30 minute drive so I used box for snacks and other things. Might go and see what it’s like now:

  14. No no, but it’ll be different. They’ll be electric trains!

  15. Yeah and he will use his tunnel company to make the trains go underground they will be subterranean electric trains choo choo

  16. Can’t wait spend another 10 billion or so I’ll buy puts on tesla

  17. Again, missing the point... Regardless of whether it's options or even stocks being bought over the open market, there is always a settlement period. Is the demand counted at the time of purchase or the time of settlement? Because nobody here seems to realize the fundamentals of fractional reserve lending. Banks don't lend you money, they lend you someone else's money and charge you interest on it. Every additional day they have to settle and clear a trade is an opportunity to play with your money in other global markets.

  18. As far as I know during trading on Friday there was no settlement. Settlement would start Monday. Idk if that makes t+2 for settlement start on Friday or does it start Monday meaning Wednesday every thing needs to be settled.

  19. It’s the January leap. It’s available way sooner than other option dates so like right now you can buy jan 17 2025 and the date before that is Jan 2024.

  20. Selling covered calls to make money on a position? Also when there are spikes you can sell covered calls for a very nice premium and then able to roll that into buying more shares

  21. Mostly talked about tweets. The biggest thing was when asked why he hasn’t done any interviews he said he has been busy and didn’t have time so he must have completed what he has been working on and now has time

  22. Couldn’t you do the same with a cooler and some towels? Like after smoking a pork shoulder or brisket you let it rest in a cooler for a few hours to finish cooking.

  23. Me and my other me also dabble but don’t forget about me who is full blown

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