1. The thing is our openers were still playing with defensive mindset because of previous WC match. When you play with a fear in your mind, there is no way you are going to score run.

  2. You wanna know what I do with the rent checks people give me?

  3. I dont care what the rankings say SKY is the best t20 batter in the world by far. He continually salvages innings for india. Cannot wait to see him perform in Australia

  4. Tbh Rizwan is also a freak in T20. He is super consisten, although Sky wins when it comes about SR.

  5. He won’t be needed tbh. Pant or DK will be the injury replacement for a batsman if any as I don’t see both of them playing together in the main XI.

  6. Yes, the episode is out of place. BUT, the scene where Oscar tries to be respectful of Schrute customs until Dwight kicks open the casket and repeatedly headshots his dead Aunt with a shotgun is absolute gold. Oscar just nopes the fuck out

  7. When you're in a chirping wicketkeeper competition and your opponents are Rizwan, Pant, and Dickwella : 😱

  8. Well I was wondering what might be the XI for Asia cup? As there is no Bumrah, which weakens our bowling quite a bit. My preferred XI below

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