1. Most likely. In Mania, only Sunshine Riptide, Stay Frosty and Heaven's Gate didn't have MVs.

  2. idk man Crazy Diamond didn't directly defeat Kira, but it was

  3. Beethoven Eyecon's debut, Punkjack debut for the Rider side of things.

  4. Also the funny clock up scene with Drake and Kabuto vs TheBee

  5. will have him die to resurrect Ziin or something idk man

  6. Minsitthar. I bet you don't even remember he existed.

  7. Abaranger 20 years after spinoff, but it's all about Yatsudewani's adventures running the Dino Curry House

  8. Considering the Birth spinoffs, Hurricaneger and Abaranger vs Donbrothers, you know this is a possibility.

  9. 30 years for Kakuranger & 20 years for Boukenger. Any plot would be fine for me.

  10. Should've saved Akashi and Sakura's return from space for this kind of movie.

  11. But wait! American Beauty/American Psycho does have no features...I triple checked 😁

  12. that's because they made a whole another album WITH the features lmaooo

  13. My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark except when Patrick sings the lyrics "IM ON FIRE" he means it literally as the others try to save him from getting third degree burns

  14. Aruto, Shinji, and Kento all have a group therapy session every week with other traumatized riders

  15. idk with Shinji man he has an iron will and the iq of a lettuce he should be fine

  16. Decade has reiwa cards that he can use

  17. It's canon since he had Zero-One's card in Decade vs Zi-O

  18. Could be 3 with KingOhger given how tsundere yanma is tho lol

  19. idk in episode 3 he's much more willing to join Gira in his bs

  20. so basically Heisei Generations medley

  21. Watch him just be based on the real world with a portal like Zox so they can quit green screens

  22. I don't know if it would work, but I think the only other landmass on the world map was the polar area to the south.

  23. That was the explanation yes. Him coming back with the Destream Driver was essentially as a new person combining the personas and memories of Genta and Junpei.

  24. basically Genta's version of Build Genius

  25. Either coolest or weirdest. No in betweens.

  26. Nope, I stand by the fact that Zanglass Sword is the coolest in DonBrothers.

  27. In Donbrothers, Jirou's staff is the weirdest, mainly because it's a spear that later turns into...an axe???

  28. I liked him a lot. He really made the team feel like a family, so his betrayal hurt that much more.

  29. idk man it really wouldn't sit well in a children's show if everything happened because its just humans being humans

  30. If they're gonna do a "berserker" form, they gotta mix it up with the side effects. I have been shouting this out for awhile, but if we got a berserker again, it should have an addictive drawback or the power itself isn't the problem, but the Rider is in such an awful mental state they're abusing the power and not holding back.

  31. Best op so far in terms of visuals. The song also felt a different vibe, it feels more basically a anime op rather than a sentai one

  32. and their rider kicks arre claymore and brogue

  33. it has video games for its motif, but its not all about them, it's about doctors who become kamen riders

  34. it's okay Ankh, you'll be with Eiji in heaven. Someday.

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