1. It is funny that Elite is end of life yet SC is still in alpha.

  2. > SC has enough there that people think it could be great but never delivers.

  3. I never understood this weird obsession over Banu Merchantman. People seem to lose their mind over it.

  4. It's not an obsession, it's just preference. Some people hate it, some people love it, some people are indifferent. It's just that only the people who love it, talk about it.

  5. Yeah but every time some one talks about unreleased ships, someone ALWAYS brings up the BMM. If that ship is ever release even if broken, SC backer will never question CRoberts. Which means big ships are really broken if they can't throw that bone

  6. Everything is bullshit in this project. Everything.

  7. 99% of all projects used to make money is BS. Look at FTX

  8. I like the ship even if it doesn't have modularity. I can wait until it's flight ready since I have a couple LTI tokens.

  9. Having it in game at all is rubbing it in your face don’t you understand

  10. My neighbor has an LGBT pride flag. I don't feel he's rubbing it in my face. Several house fly the Ukrainian flag in support of Ukraine. I did get angry when someone try to deface a Trump/MAGA sign. If awareness triggers you than you have the problem.

  11. Just saw Montoya video on this subject. Boy was that mental. These people really want to escape reality.

  12. Very solid work. Did you reach out to Derek Smart or Bootcha? Haven't heard about them for over 2 years.

  13. This is my plan as well. I originally bought an account to glory in the Sh*** show that will be 3.18 but bought some LTI tokens. Will probably break even and that's OK.

  14. Yeah i fear they will add some crap like that.. but i really hope they dont.

  15. SC isn't pay to win. It's more like the illusion of pay to win as you can't spend enough money to completely dominate. There is always some one smarter than you who knows some exploit (aka Ares Ion) or some whale willing to pay more.

  16. It makes me wonder if CRoberts is still in charge. Maybe he was forced out by his creditors or he's quiet quitting because he knows the project is a disaster.

  17. Guess this guy didn't get the memo that Star Base had like 5-10k concurrent players in a low fidelity solar system and Mortal Online has had 5k concurrent and both have non-instanced non-sharded worlds.

  18. An Elite Dangerous is literally the size of the entire galaxy.

  19. Pfft. A real gamer pays $2000 for a SINGLE VIDEO CARD (**this weirdo** please don ask. it was COVID induced madness). Yet I can only get 40 FPS on SC.

  20. This makes me wonder if they are accelerating the storyline to get to maintenance mode faster. We will get 6 months of storyline instead of a years worth.

  21. That begs the question, Is Chris Robert in charge anymore or is he just a figure head. The fact that SC is making some progress makes me think that he's no longer in the loop.

  22. This is too easy tho. I bet you sometime down the road hes gonna overextend and fuck it up like a Peter Molineux etc

  23. He's gone past Peter Molineux and Peter Molineux actually delivered games for release.

  24. I'm not entirely sure how anything I've done is a "shitty job" but ok whatever you say mate. All I'm saying is you're silly to think a game isn't going to come out without bugs. Cyberpunk just released a massive overhaul and it had bugs. WoW has bugs every update, COD etc. it happens. Work with the Devs to fix the problems instead of crying about it senselessly. o7

  25. Cyberpunk nearly killed CD Project Red. They just cancelled a promised 2nd expansion because they need another Witcher project to save them. EVERYBODY told CDPR leadership to hold the game for one year and they didn't listen.

  26. Listen you're right the Devs have dropped the ball on several occasions. They've also done what they can to pick up the slack and fix many of their mistakes. Your standards and love of the game are what makes this the best community in gaming. All I'm saying is when you see a problem submit a ticket to get it resolved. Doesn't matter if it's a crashing bug or your Cmdr's suits go missing. Or don't do it Cmdr as long as you're playing the game and having fun you do you.

  27. Are you serious? There are bugs from the games launch, not Horizon launch, not Odyssey launch that haven't been addressed. Sorry but Fdev is just plain incompetent. If Elite was an enterprise level application they be sued to oblivion.

  28. I have a question on fraudulent order. Recently I found out that someone had hacked my account and stole my credit card info. Weird thing is Amazon kept track of it through transactions even though I can't see the order (except one). I immediately changed my password (though Amazon had actually reset my account) and closed the credit card. I reported the one order under Unauthorized activity but I found more.

  29. Ehh looking back he used to be pretty soft on elite too, he's kinda always been that way. He had nothing but positive things to say about elite back in the horizons days, putting out exploration videos every week, etc, etc. Even was optimistic when they shelved the next dlc for the "beyond" fiasco. He really didn't start riding fdev until they really started putting the game in maintenence mode, dropping galnet and community events, lack of story updates, and all that.

  30. He doesn't cover SC that much. Only when there is a new release. He hasn't joined the SC community like he did for Elite.

  31. Fdev just released their financial report and no new funds are set up in 2023. Nothing is coming and if they say otherwise than they are lying.

  32. I don't understand why people are jumping down his throat. His conclusion is that the game is NOT ready for the bantu merchantman. This is new content and he's covering it. He did the same thing with Elite's carrier when they were buggy as hell and still overpriced (game wise).

  33. It looks like Elite is going into maintenance mode in 2023 based on recently posted financials. Oh well there is Starfield.

  34. Are you talking about Elite or Star Citizen or both?!

  35. It just blows my mind. $90,000 That's a down payment for a decent house. You could buy 4 cars, a decent size boat, a fracking air plane. I just don't get it.

  36. you can't kill something that is already dead, pal

  37. Correction. You can't kill something that never lived.

  38. Does anyone know when (or even If) they will finish the translation. I like to play this on my android tablet (and don't tell me to use the steam app)

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