1. Any albums from The Weekend I think you’d dig.

  2. Already ahead of you. Love the original mixtape for House of Balloons

  3. I assume you’ve already listened to Prince and Stevie Wonder. Maybe Tears for Fears.

  4. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs.

  5. Probably not as "metal" as you are expecting but Coheed and Cambria's "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness" is pretty flippin' good.

  6. I like Coheed! Not a huge fan, but they are pretty awesome live. Thank you for the rec!

  7. Agreed. They are pretty sick live.

  8. Look at those pedals & knobbies, this ride would crush the trails.

  9. I didn’t recognise Phil there with a head full of hair

  10. Didn't Radiohead have a song "A Head Full of Hair"....or was that Coldplay /s

  11. I think The Stone is more difficult than satellite. Rhyme and Reason tough as well (but neither were originally a fingering exercise to my knowledge)

  12. The Stone sounds hard, but I really can't hear exactly what he's doing in the studio version of the song as much as I can with Satellite.

  13. Carson Mac does a good job explaining how to play the stone.

  14. Wow. That looks hard. I don't have the finger length to play any of that.

  15. I’m not saying this is high scale pizza but it looks like that’s what they are trying to copy. What I’m referring to is Neapolitan pizza, or Naples-style. Margherita pizza is just one specific type of Neapolitan pizza.

  16. Neapolitan pizza still looks appetizing, this looks like garbage.

  17. Married to a T1 diabetic man over twenty years now. He gets grumpy when he’s low, and is self aware enough to take care of himself. On the rare occasion he’s short with me because of his blood sugar he apologizes once he feels better. Your boyfriend sounds like he’s abusive and using his diabetes as an excuse.

  18. Maybe this is bitchy of me, but before we got married I made it clear to him that I would support him and help him live a healthy lifestyle, but I wouldn’t manage his diabetes for him, nor would I let him use it as an excuse for bad behavior. We’ve been together for almost 24 years and married for 20, so far it’s worked for us.

  19. That sounds like a very healthy relationship and marriage.

  20. Finally something that is actually BIFL here. Upvote!

  21. For only 2 watches maybe an edc tray or

  22. That's quite the response. Thanks for the assessment. For me it's extremely emotional, and I love the mix of clean vocals and harsh vocals. Lyrically and emotionally is my reason for loving it so much as I relate to it.

  23. Thank you too! I’ll have to check out more of The Amity Afflictions stuff and other stuff from their genre. You’ve inspired me.

  24. Oh, I'm glad I have. I recommend "Don't Lean On Me" and "Show Me Your God", they're amazing.

  25. I just realized my Spotify link only gave you a short, more hard core, taste of my song. I see why you may have thought it was industrial metal. They are more rock/alt rock. Here’s the full song.

  26. LP10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hop on the train!!!

  27. Just don't remove it when you are taking a wiz.

  28. If 20 years is a lifetime, then I'm dead.

  29. Yeah gotcha, I remember when this sub was actually BIFL and didn't have that rule. Now its just the "this random product just happened to last more than 5 years" subreddit.

  30. Thanks! Gotta cover all my bases :-)

  31. Nice! Where do you keep/display them?

  32. Haha! When OP brings home a date they have to sleep on the floor because his other 124 girlfriends are already in his bed.

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