1. Checked the track list, he’s covering west coast 🤩

  2. The thing that bugs me, is ours are very specific. Crazy hat day. Orange shirt day. Crazy hair day.

  3. Just FYI but orange shirt day is for residental school survivors, kinda different than regular spirit days :)

  4. The WHO recommends wearing SPF when the UV is at or above 3. Where I live, in the winter it’s usually 0-1. So I don’t wear it in the winters unless I’m outside all day.

  5. Did anyone else notice that the UMSU Instagram is disabled?

  6. A security guard got pepper sprayed at the unicity Walmart last week trying to stop people from stealing, so maybe they’re upping things?

  7. Why would you want to go for a masters in nursing without actually working as a nurse or going to nursing school first?

  8. Almost every restaurant has some sort of tip out to bar, kitchen, bussers etc. I’ve never heard of one that doesn’t. Usually around 5-10% of net sales.

  9. Was gonna vote rob until I remembered the revenge porn 😶

  10. I don’t think Mal would do that to Iyanna. Mal even said she was looking for something different because of men like Jarrette. Also while she’s not super close with Iyanna, I believe there was some behind the scene forgiveness between them. I don’t think Mal would ever cross that line. They weren’t even caught texting or anything. Maybe they’ll be friends maybe not but I think Mal is a decent person and wouldn’t go there. Just my thoughts.

  11. I totally agree. I think it’s interesting that most of the replied focus on whether or not Mal would entertain it, not whether Jarette would pursue it 👀

  12. You know, that was my immediate first thought. I think if maybe they were in the pods still or fresh out of the pods, perhaps? But I think, since the girls seem to all be very close, it'd be breaking girl code. Plus, I'm sure that by now, Iyanna has mentioned at least some of the negative stuff about Jarrett that is too much to overlook.

  13. I agree - it’s been too long and the girls seem to have bonded.

  14. Still in search of moisturizing body washes… finger crossed I can find some 🤞🤞

  15. Lover by Taylor swift!! Idk it sounds so echoed and weird.

  16. Super fun and swanky place. Love the entrance too ;)

  17. Congratulations! I believe the best is yet to come for you. Best of luck!

  18. Portage @ Banting (in front of the superstore) the second right lane from the curb has a nasty one.

  19. U of M is a private institution. They can make & implement whatever rules they choose.

  20. The Manitoba minimum wage has been tied to inflation for awhile now, though?

  21. I don’t think so. Our last increase was by 5 cents, bringing us to 11.95/hr.

  22. Every couple on this show should do couples therapy. It should honestly be part of the show. There are valid parts of their relationship worth criticizing, but going to therapy so soon is not one of them and should honestly be commended.

  23. My names Daisy-Mae, but I always go by Daisy. Most people comment that it's a nice name when they find out though.

  24. I love that your Reddit username is an anagram of your name!!

  25. It’s not gonna return to normal levels until after things go back in person. Too much cheating and straight A’s.

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