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  1. Is anyone able to accurately associate product brand names with these plants?

  2. So, the short answer is no. You can just assume all meat you buy in a grocery store like Walmart or Kroger is effected. Best bet if you don’t want to consume the products that are practicing this kind of thing is buying from a local butcher or ranchers. You could always raise and slaughter your own cow. About one cow per year should be enough for an average American household.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if their parents were the day shift in the same place

  4. Sorry, I’m not understanding this analogy. What do you mean by this? Thanks!

  5. Recently my deceased sister came to me while doing a healing meditation. I did not go into the meditation with expectations of seeing her. She embraced me and talked to me about letting go of control. I missed her hugs so much… I started crying while meditating. It was a peaceful and heart warming experience. She is my angel that is always there to protect me and love me.

  6. Ridges and radar hill this time of year! There are lots of different scenic paths you can take, as well as cool historic stuff on the ridges grounds. Go explore and “get lost” yourself, or bring someone who can show you the paths thru the woods. One of the things I miss most about living in Athens!

  7. Ok, while I don’t expect to get a ppm for a m&g. I do expect for a guy to offer to help with my gas, especially if I drive awhile to see them. Usually I won’t even leave my hometown for the m&g. The one time I did, I was burned because the guy didn’t want to help with my gas and it made me feel like he was a cheap John anyway. Not sure if you’d agree, but that’s my two cents.

  8. Hey. It happens to the best of us, you live and you learn. Also, I have two kids and am taking care of my mom and nephew. Thanks for giving me someone to relate to.

  9. We use SEEQ for my process trending work. Seeq is a great tool with a lot of inbuilt conditions.

  10. I am going to be piloting seeq for my process. How can I optimize use? It’s food processing. I have used PIosi before but never seeq. I am assuming it’s similar?

  11. Ok girl… second and fourth photo need to go. As others have said smile and show teeth. I know there are beautiful places outside where you are so get a friend or put the timer on your phone and go be a model in between classes.

  12. Libra obsessed with Taurus. I dont know why they find in Taurus. Its like opposite for them. But maybe because you two share same planet.

  13. Honestly though, sometimes it seems like infatuation or fatal attraction. Idk I think they are just enamored with the fact we can make our minds up that we want something and then actually have the drive to get it instead of just always wanting it. For a Taurus, the fact that they are too indecisive even when they might know they really want something to actually get it is frustrating. Like, we end up wanting to get it for them if we love them enough and then have no energy left to give to ourselves anymore. Plus the libra is always worried that we will leave them or don’t want them. Taurus is just there like “why are you worried, I’m talking to you right? Just wait til you piss me off enough for me to cut you off and THEN you can worry, otherwise just chill.”

  14. “We end up wanting to get it for them if we love them enough and then have no energy left to give ourselves anymore.”

  15. This person ^ GETS IT. I also speak from experience with my ex husband. And no, I am not a bitter ex. Just a more clear headed one.

  16. Scorpio moon sign. Taurus sun. I feel like I resonate more with the moon sign looks.

  17. Just wait for the time it goes into opposition, if you didn't do the work you were supposed to will, lol.

  18. Decided to shut down a plant to try to restart in a better state. It took 5 days to restart the plant and 9 restart attempts while destroying our catalyst along the way.

  19. With the star card and the nine of cups, I dare say social media influencer? I might be way off, but I’m also learning. The ace of swords suggests you already know what you want to do. The present and future cards show positivity in your idea.

  20. It really depends. Sometimes I like to curate an image and will tell you all I want you to know which I don't see an issue with. Other times I will be uncouthly private, one time I shared my screen in a zoom and someone noticed my bookmark was duolingo for chinese and said "omg are you learning chinese?" I said "mind your business" and didn't skip a beat going back to my presentation.

  21. Soo Taurus women are pretty go with the flow. We like attention but want our space and time. Good morning texts and texts to let us know we are being thought of throughout the day go a long way. Also, don’t make her plan the dates. Give her a few ideas and see which ones she goes for. Good food or art is a pretty nice start… make the first move when it comes to kissing or physical intimacy of any kind. Don’t be discouraged if the first time around it’s shot down or doesn’t go great the first time. Try again later in the date or on the next date and she will most likely be more comfortable.

  22. Thanks for the great advice. The physical intimacy has been awesome so far.

  23. Yeah, once the initial guards come down lol you better fasten your seatbelt when it comes to physical intimacy. Later on though, after the fire dies down, the advice may be relevant again.

  24. Looked it up. Thanks for the your comment 🙂 I don't know much about leather, it will make it easier to research how to take care of the jacket

  25. Just don’t put it in the washer, whatever you do. I would just try not to get spills on it and hang it back up after every use.

  26. More than half of my planets are in retrograde. I’m finally coming into a timeline where everything in my life is falling into place after years of chaos.

  27. Wonderful! Are a lot of people leaving your life as you shift? That’s the downside here.

  28. Yes absolutely. My whole life I have lost a lot of people, things, and even a good job. I am on the upside of the downward spiral now and have been able to put it all into perspective. I had to let these things go in order to make room for the new positive things that have recently been coming into my life. Even my mental and spiritual health is blossoming like never before… it is really exciting. I didn’t think it was ever going to end though. It was really dark for a while.

  29. Less likely to lower salary, more likely to put you on a pip … still funny though.

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