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  1. Você se lembra qual era o nome do quadro do SBT?

  2. Rare replay is a bunch of games nfs heat is only one. And has fps and other genres in rare replay

  3. Ele era tiktoker e jogava LoL eu acho kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. O original era sobre o kamaitachi so q sem as partes com reconhecimento dele kkkkk

  5. Powkiddy v90. Im Brazilian too and im getting it because of the clamshell price you can find it for 176R$ to up 200R$. In shopee or Aliexpress without sd card or with 16. Just upgrade a little more and BOOM! you just got a gba sp that runs java and ps1 games. When i get i'll be trying to put a Flash game player on it. Powkiddy v90 is cheap. miyoo mini can be used too the v1 and v2

  6. thats why its free. to catch your money in the most disgusting way possible

  7. let everyone that would die in a moment until the final episode.

  8. i think may can with linux flash emulators. i too have the same question but in the time i dont have any handheld to test on

  9. como um nescau demora tanto 30 minutos pra ele ficar pronto

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