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  1. Believe me, we have done so much of those 😂😂😂

  2. Well i think it's time you moved on to pipe with mig. Or start stick or tig.

  3. Haha i do it all my friend. Stainless tig is something i havent gotten the hang of, but im not interested in taking my career in that direction

  4. You do it all, but you kill time running bull shit stringers? OK pal.

  5. I & my 80 yr old neighbor live trap them & drive them 5 miles up to different neighbor. I have free range chickens he loves growing sweet corn. I live on 500 acre 70% covered in timber farm & some years him & i catch over 20 a summer just by our houses/barns. Other farmers much less patient & put out fly bait & pepsi its not legal & coons don't get more than 3 feet from the fancy pepsi I'm told.& drop over boom. Doubt if india wants a racoon population but this isn't about legal my bad!!

  6. Heard it from a guy that used to be head honcho for BP on the slope. I'd be surprised and disappointed if he was wrong.

  7. Yeah, I understand the wear of pipe and flow from the product and angles taken. Just never heard of the lead reinforcement.

  8. I agree, I was a chemical engineer for 12 years in oil and never heard of lead lining..... Now we would use heavy elbows (with extra thick walls) on high erosion areas and would monitor wall thickness to replace that elbow at regular frequency.

  9. I just talked to a few guy's that are x-ray welders at BP currently. They've never installed anything like that and have never heard of it. Like you said, they use schedule 80, 120 or even 160 wall pipe. I think the issue would be that the lead would melt and wear quick and would become part of the product. Not to mention safety bs with lead these days.

  10. You need to spend less time with the camera and more time under the hood. Need another pass or two to finish that undercut and cap properly. Also saw you commented that the pipe needs to be lower. News flash, get used to shitty positions. Also, learn to go left and right handed. You have a long way to go kid.

  11. The outside welds of these O-lets looks pretty good. However on pipe welds, One would tend to want to eyeball the root bead. When no pictures are available I have the tendency to assume someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

  12. Let me just grab my micro camera and get a nice pic of the root for random fucks on the internet.

  13. I get why people would want to do this, express their feelings to cancer patients/victims and show support. My mom couldn't stand it. She passed away this year after her breast cancer came back. She lossed her hair the first time around and told me never to shave my head for her. She claimed she already had to look like this, and for no reason did I have to look like this too. She also was a very stubborn woman. She's hopefully with my dad somewhere in the afterlife. Hug your loved ones people.

  14. Sorry for your loss my friend. I hope you're well. I'll follow your advice next time I see my parents, thanks for the reminder.

  15. Thanks bud. Both parents were fighters. They had great lives, just cut way too short.

  16. If you're gonna use 90-s why not make them plumb and level? Man this looks like shit.

  17. Smiled like a little kid watching this. So good. Great job

  18. Sounds great, but if you really think a cop won’t kill you for not giving up your gun, I got some bad news.

  19. Way to piss on the only thing that's positive in this situation. Not every cop is like you described.

  20. I'm a 4th year local 597 that's spent my entire apprenticeship with the same small shop. we do alot of work in food processing and y and all I do is their welding and bounce job to job. I feel like I'm not learning alot of the pipefitting side because of that. I went through the hybrid and got a lot of certs but I feel like I'm missing out.

  21. I'm a hybrid as well. Similarly, I welded about my first three years before learning more on the fitting side. Small shops have pro's and con's. One of the main con's is that you get stuck doing the same thing over and over. I get it. I'm sure you're also mainly welding with a little bit of fitting, but not doing the layout or understand what the thing you're building actually does. As a 4th year, you have more pull. You technically can't drag, but you sure as shit can ask for a layoff. When asked why. Say you're not learning enough. Say you want to become a pipefitter, but just a welder. I'm not saying you have to do this. Plenty of guy's weld for a long time. It helps to know both sides tho. How I moved along, I talked to my main journeyman. Asked to do more and help. Ask about air handlers, sat's, chillers, pumps, whatever. Show your interest and things will come.

  22. I could be out, or I'd pick up the phone. Where could I be? Believe it or not, I'm not home.

  23. Hang in there bud. Think positive. It might take some time, but you'll get the visitation figured out.

  24. And the best thing is, being a soldier has very little to do with shooting for 80-90% of the time. And those times do matter because your enemy wont wait till your ready and wont warn you.

  25. My first tour in AL Fallujah, Iraq, we had Iraqi special forces with us. (US USMC) Our mission with them was to get them up to speed with infantry tactics and performing security. We couldn't even get these guy's to do a damn jumping jack, yet alone hit a target in a practice range. First gun fight I saw with them, they dropped their rifle and took off driving.

  26. I have no idea what a capercaille is, but I think it's badass you got to shoot something that looks like it's from avatar. Hope it tastes good. Nice setup.

  27. i recently just threw together a beater build and keep trying to talk myself into a drop in quad rail. the hard part is deciding how nice of one to get.

  28. I feel like I got a good deal on mine. It's a socom 14.5 p/w colt barrel and kac rail. Got it for 950

  29. Did you take this photo on a razor flip phone

  30. I bought a timney 2 stage drop in years ago before I knew much about building. I hated it. That being said, it was a cheaper model.

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