FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

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  1. Hoofddoekenbelasting, wilders wilt belasting voor mensen met een hoofddoek

  2. I had used these pictures to share them on a discord server with a person who hates me, I couldn't let anything slip.

  3. if the tank we get is awful. this will officially be the worst battlepass yet and hopefully people dont buy it.

  4. It really does look like he's just flying with wasd

  5. Two: Porsche Tiger is missing aswell.

  6. Out of curiosity, is this a rare "genuine" hetzer or one made post war?

  7. That too, this one didn't even hide it, I've heard of others where they scrape that off

  8. Was it a season 1 thing? I missed it, but just binged season 2 without going back to refresh on the first.

  9. iirc yes, I think they even broke the fourth wall there but not sure

  10. Naval is ridiculous, it's not uncommon for me to get 150,000 or more.

  11. Some of theines where he says "prepare to dive" it just sounds like "prepare to die"

  12. I suppose you have some precedence for them being added to WT with the Silent Thunder April fool's event, since those have turned out to be testing for new game features on at least one occasion I think.

  13. These are new voicelines tho iirc, as all naval ships are getting more in depth voicelines and these were found along with them

  14. I have some german shell casings, don't treat them specially tho, one has an eagle on the bottom

  15. They always were since CAS became a huge issue, now in air rb if you’re stock in a plane like the F104G or F14 even you get 2 very horrible (for the br) missiles like the Aim 9B/D/E while still being top tier aka 11.3, decompressing would allow the F14 stock to stay at like 11.3 and have an F14 loaded with aim 7Fs and aim 54s to be something like 12.0/12.3 where it wouldn’t stomp lower tiers but wouldn’t struggle as much against the new top tier meta.

  16. The problem with altering BR based on loadouts is that planes can land on airfields, J-out, then respawn with a different loadout - it's really useful for bomber/strike aircraft

  17. Even worse in ground rb, where you can just choose different loadouts when you die, no select loadout going into the battle

  18. Yea but CAS is also the issue for this, how can you ever do matchmaking when you can just change your loadout midgame. It gets even harder with the custom loadouts

  19. I love how carbon can make a nice cold Mach 1.2 smack into a hill just a nice knockout maybe a mild concussion

  20. Me going mach 1.3 into the ground Gaijin: if you increase the pilot's level, he will be able to survive more damage

  21. The Soviets also strapped 2 I-16s under the wings too irl lol

  22. Naja nu ik er over nadenk is "Ga douchen!" een bizar ding om te roepen als je dat niet bedoeld. Of het moet een soort lokale variant van "touch grass" zijn?

  23. Take a shower wordt anders ook vaak als touch grass geroepen toch?

  24. Dat is in wezen mijn vraag, is dat een uitspraak die echt bestaat?

  25. Misschien is het meer een meme in game communities,

  26. Sup my G, your mom died in a hospital after a car crash, no cap. Lmao

  27. Dit lijkt een soort wappie generator. Een crawler die

  28. Persoonlijk vind ik het zien van hoge prijzen als een soort complot toch echt wat wappie/Tokkie. Maar ja ik geloof dan ook in marktwerking en dat soort onzin.

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