1. Signing up for online gambling once it was legal in my state. I developed a severe addiction and got into debt, my parenting was affected, and I was super depressed. I’m doing much better now and I’ve banned myself via the department of gaming in my state. Slowly getting my finances back on track.

  2. My dog is called Simona. She came with the name. The people who found her had originally named her Sarah. But there were already five dogs named Sarah at the shelter, so the shelter changed it to Simona.

  3. I absolutely love the name Simona. My cousin in Italy has a girlfriend named Simona and she is so beautiful and such a nice girl too.

  4. In Italian, it's pronounced with a hissing s.

  5. Ben just popped up in my head as the last name on that list.

  6. For my son to feel loved, and to experience happiness and a life full of joy.

  7. Antonella and Justin - Austin, Stella, Toni, help me out here someone?

  8. Yeah I look at my son and I’m like - I made that? He’s a person? IM a person? WHAT IS LIFE?

  9. I didn’t think she was ugly, just terrifying. When they held her over the curtain (c-section) she was so pissed off and was making the most angry little face that I was kind of freaked out… like did I just give birth to a baby or a honey badger??? My husband was like “she’s sooooo beautiful!!!!” and all I could say was “Is she???”

  10. “Is she??” 😂😂😂 I swear people lie when they say how beautiful newborns are.

  11. My son had a mega caveman fold over between his eyebrows. He looked super angry. I just laughed a little. Now he’s literally the most beautiful angel ever. He was then, too, I just wasn’t used to him yet maybe.

  12. Your child may or may not have the same or different mental health issues. Instead of fixating on hoping he doesn’t have them become informed and educated on how they are managed so you are prepared not just swinging between reassuring yourself a child is fine and fear. Make sure your son feels he can always come to you with questions about the world and he can ask you anything.

  13. You know you should be proud that you are so open and understanding of the issue you have rather than doing what many other people do and pretend there is no issue. I grew up in a family with anxiety however my mother would never in 100 years admit that any could be wrong with her.. this meant I had to learn this for myself which I didn't really understand properly until I was in my 30s.

  14. Thanks - I also recently (in my 30s) have learned that my mother is human and imperfect. She brought me up to believe she was god’s gift to the earth and everything she said was correct. She was (and still never is) wrong. I’m glad I had my son when I did… I’ve been introspective and I’ve been working on trying to make myself a better person. I’m not AS young and stupid as I once was. Probably still stupid a little lol but not as much.

  15. Nicholas and Jessica. I like Nicky and Jessi as nicknames, or Nick and Jess.

  16. wait what is it if u don’t mind sharing

  17. I know a Graziosa and a Nerina! I have Italian immigrant parents, and most of my family is still in Italy so I hear tons of Italian names but most of these are new to me! Delfina and Zeira are really pretty names. Of Italian male names, one I love that is not so common is Gennaro. But from your list, Aristide is so cool. Amadio must have the root word of amare, to love, but it’s so close to armadio where you keep clothes so I don’t like it. Thanks for this list!!!!

  18. It bums me out so badly too. I got back into the hobby when someone gifted my son a tiny tank and some comet goldfish. I decided to ask for help and that was a mistake. No one assumes you will do the work and go the extra mile. So the first thing you're told is that you're abusing the fish and take them back to the fish store. The same store that sold you a shitty setup like that to begin with and put them right back into harms way.

  19. It’s also important to remember that circumstances are different for everyone. My friend’s dad passed away and she couldn’t maintain his 55-gallon so I took it to help her out. I inherited some issues and needed help fixing them. But everyone just assumes I’m an asshole who put a foot long common pleco in there on my own accord. I came here asking for help because I truly wanted to care for the tank but I had very little experience and the previous owner wasn’t an expert either.

  20. I can agree with this though maybe not in the way you meant. I was told I was infertile for my whole life. I was casually dating someone and we didn’t use protection, and I miraculously became pregnant. The doctors couldn’t even figure out how it happened… but in any case, we kept the child and we chose to make our relationship work. My boyfriend is not my dream guy and we don’t have tons of passion. But we made a choice to have unprotected sex, and we made a choice to have our son, and we made a choice to stay together. We decided to be a team and trade our desires for the needs of our son. I didn’t know him well when I got pregnant, but I chose to get to know him and to find all his best qualities and appreciate everything he is. To this day I can’t say I’m madly in love, but I chose to nurture our bond and grow our family, and we do love each other now because of all we’ve been through. My love for him grew because I chose to care for him and help him grow into a better person (which helped me to grow into a better person as well). And I love him because he gave me my son… and all of this is because I wanted the best for my child. Hope that makes sense.

  21. Gangi, Agira, and Petralia Soprana are very, very beautiful cities with medieval history and architecture and beautiful views. I would check them out if you have a chance.

  22. Stayed in Negril about 1.5 hours away for about ten days but my favorite excursion was YS Falls. Was part of a day trip which also included Appleton Rum and something else but the Falls were my absolute favorite place.

  23. I remember as a small child I went to Dunns River Falls which was fun! I may look into the waterfall trips. I’m sure the resort will have something available for that.

  24. I did Dunns River Falls trip as well. I would recommend YS over DRF because of the hassling from vendors (they would ask your name and if you reply as to not seem rude they begin carving it on a piece of wood and then say you owe them money now) and the tour guides trying to get everyone to do stupid poses for photos while shouting out “ya man” and “irie.”

  25. I’ve heard there’s a lottttt of tourist traps and shady people like that trying to get your money so I definitely want to avoid that especially because I simply don’t have lots to spend! We picked Jamaica because it was affordable in comparison to a lot of other Caribbean places. Will look into the falls you mentioned, thanks so much!

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