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  1. Completed it on secret agent on Sunday. Don't think i have the patience for OO I think

  2. Just got through 00agent and all the timed runs, it was epic.

  3. How recent was this?. I tried this for the past 9 months even have 2 Xboxes wired up and tried to get a co-op game. Called in friends and everything but it just wouldn't match

  4. Get 2 years of Xbox Gold, buy 1$ action gamepass ultimate. You'll have 2 years of gamepass and more games you can complete in 2 years

  5. This is literally every conversation you get into when you go to France or southern Belgium. (French ofc)

  6. I tried dozens of B or C grade battery packs and they all disappoint. Just spend the extra bugs on the real thing. They last longer, they charge while playing and you don't have this weird third party USB connection inside the battery.

  7. Nails, Nikes, Nook, Neighborhood, Nature in the first frame. AHH time to get some rest and relax

  8. Remember that you are also a player in this game. And you're not having fun providing some weird BDSM fantasy.

  9. Remember that you are also a player in this game. And you're not having fun providing a some weird BDSM world.

  10. As an owner of the halo series X and halo xbone. I know there is an additional small speaker attached to the motherboard who makes the sounds

  11. According to the timer they were locked in for a whole 2 minutes... Seems like my turds are "locked in" longer then that between my bottocks

  12. No vaccines, no vitamin K. Why would you give your child a care free childhood while we also raised children in medieval times right?

  13. Vice City and after that Vice City (red case)

  14. I lost my 9 year old brother to injuries as a result of a reckless driver(drunk).

  15. Guys like that don't deserve a second chance, sorry for you loss anon

  16. Hope he died and other victims were doing fine.. probably other way around. Damn, just fucking execute every single cunt who drives like this.

  17. Think Primark is a good place or Starbucks, also the Nike store all located in Almere Centrum

  18. Without being able to help Dutch speaking people? In Amsterdam that might work in the busy touristic city center, but no way that will fly in Almere.

  19. Well I get this quite allot wenn visiting those stores actually,

  20. Got in an argument with my dad because I didn't want my kids going outside without safety goggles and ear protection this new year's eve.

  21. My bad homie, yeah I still have unity downloaded but we tried playing together a week ago and game wouldn’t put us in a lobby together. Tried so many methods and none worked. I assume now servers are inaccessible now to play co op with someone else.

  22. Yeh, I gave up 2 weeks ago but thanks anyway :)

  23. I made a funny joke like this, on the same Sub, for the Lady arm wrestler that was beating all the Beefy Dudes for $100.

  24. Avatar is just a three-hour computer graphics demo that offers nothing except showcasing new TVs at Best Buy.

  25. Now your full list of achievements earned this month...

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