1. I hope his afterlife is a bunch of gay ghost Muppets showing him the evil of his ways so he sees how horrible he was...just to still send him to hell when he thinks he can redeem himself.

  2. I love how you keep the point going, rez your team multiple times, get picks and generally play really well. But people in this toxic ass group just project their litte insecure, OW pretentious bullshit as per usual.

  3. This isn't new. Why is this sub reddit plastered with these dumb posts now? Before Diablo other games were doing this. Before other games did this, we did this to ourselves selling skins on Ebay and Amazon. Have people here not even seen what Counter strike Knive skins go for? If you don't want them then don't buy them. The game is great. Karma farming for Diablo outrage bait is not.

  4. He's been secretly on strike since A Dance with Dragons😢

  5. This group really just keeps trying to put a positive light on Miller and its pathetic.

  6. Keep the immigrants. Ditch the republicans

  7. I know a parent of a trans kid and he's a massive Trumper. I don't try to make sense of it but Im glad the world isn't as black and white as shitty conservative "influencers" believe it is.

  8. Another "Dear newer Diablo fans post" 🥱🥱🥱🥱

  9. Why even have glasses on your crotchety old ass face at that point?

  10. Fuck them and fuck every follower they have

  11. If I ever put this much effort into coffee, fucking shoot me.

  12. Hiding actual content behind a pay wall or disc installation wasn't great either. This wasn't some golden age of gaming. While the cosmetics may be way over priced, they are 100 percent optional and don't divide the community in matchmaking.

  13. Sounds like a law maker in southern states

  14. Being born on third base, destroying the field and tossing out first and second base while giving us a paper bat to hit a homerun will do that.

  15. At least we know shitty collectors won't rob em blind like vultures then mark it up like that video circulating a few weeks ago

  16. Plot twist! There won't be in-game traliers either!!

  17. I know I'm in a minority but I enjoyed the show, and the black elf character was one of my favorites.

  18. I've been receiving paragraphs all day as to why black people shouldn't be in any Lord of the Rings content. Its pretty telling and disappointing

  19. I'm not reading all that. Go find a better use of your sunday. JFC

  20. This sounds like work but with less work! My answer is yes!!

  21. Lego games and Diablo 3 and 4 are awesome. Borderlands is also great

  22. There's always people in the DCU reddit groups defending this trash bag. Meanwhile he's hardly welcomed at his own movie premiere lolol

  23. And people will still defend this absolutely broken, abomination of a system

  24. Will conservatives try to start making laws to keep "youth pastors" out of bathrooms now?

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