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  1. Is that a Lancer Evo? I'm guessing it's 4th gen.

  2. it's a regular lancer with a evo bodykit

  3. if it's in good condition then close to 1 million LKR now. maybe 600k at minimum

  4. what makes you think electric trains will work well in sri lanka ?

  5. Why not? If I'm not wrong, Sri Lanka is much like India's western ghats. So engines wouldn't be a problem. Also, Indian Railway's most powerful engine is an electric engine WAG-12, so it should work.

  6. India doesn't have an electricity shortage like Sri lanka

  7. Could be due to the pollution from our neighbour.

  8. our government will ban construction of new power plants causing an electricity shortage but what does us doing all this matter when india blows so much pollution over sri lanka ?

  9. you haven't played FL clearly

  10. yeah I'm going to self post when I eventually get 300pp on colors*smash

  11. Yes, ideally. Although there are times where just 1 is worthwhile(small form factor, not horribly power hungry cards).

  12. i use like this on my rx 580 which uses 140w at most and maybe 190w if I OC it without any issues.

  13. this will be sri lanka in 2018

  14. SLT Fiber used to have zero packet loss but 2 months ago I started getting a ton of packet loss.

  15. first owned GTA V from Epic Games. first played GTA:SA

  16. USA in top 10 is expected, people who live in USA know more.

  17. China passed an initiative a few years ago to only use Chinese designed CPUs in China. Presumably these were attempting to be smuggled in to get around that

  18. If that's true, why will they restrict themselves like that?

  19. because it's fake and they're only doing it for government computers along with switching to linux. the reason is obvious that it's for security and reduction of dependence on western companies

  20. do you actually think they only sell Chinese CPUs in China lmao

  21. oooooh scary vroom vroom 😱😱😱😱😱

  22. > First and foremost, make sure your computer is running at maximum efficiency. You don't want any lag to ruin your shot.

  23. this happened to me when buying a cheap tower cooler for a H61 motherboard. I changed it to a B75 motherboard and it fits... by 1-5mm

  24. > What would things be like today if the protestors had captured the political high rollers after sacking the buildings of Parliament?

  25. Baka this is a 3 year old repost

  26. buy ns sex, rent gt-r and crush poopra 😭😭😭😭

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