1. My mom is the same way! I keep telling her if my baby was cold, she'd let me know!

  2. A lot of time time in-laws use the child's partner as a scapegoat, to blame all the child's decisions on the partner. Emotional incest is real, we're NC with my dads side of the family, for these exact reasons, only that my paternal grandfather loved my mom, paternal grandma not so much.

  3. The emotional incest is real here. And what's bad is it's the stepmom causing issues. The kids' bio mom is a Saint. Never had an issue with me.

  4. The sleeping over thing I can kinda get if you guys were minors, but the rest is just crazy and helicopter parenting and EI.

  5. We were 19 when we got together and started the sleepovers. So we were old enough. He always had a feeling that his dad and stepmom were off but once we got together he started seeing their shit because of how they treated me.

  6. I agree it’s shitty for her to decline plans with you and then make them with your sister. That sucks. However, it makes things a little different to me if you live with her. Specifically denying plans. Like maybe she enjoys some time to herself in that space, you know? But that doesn’t excuse choosing your sister’s offer over yours. Just another perspective if she declines plans, but only if she doesn’t make others with your own sister. I’d be hurt by that also.

  7. That's what I was thinking too but yeah, she makes plans with my sister more than me. And what is also shitty is she will make plans and then I'm making plans with my husband to do something and the day of, she's like you can come along too and I'm just staring at her in disbelief. Really?

  8. That's what I usually do, it's just getting tiring trying to include her and I'm left out most of the time when she makes plans.

  9. My daughter looks exactly like my husband and inlaws always say "you did a great job" to him. He's like, I didn't do shit, my wife did.

  10. Have you told your sister that you don’t want her posting ANY pics of your daughter unless she asks you first?

  11. The one time I told her not to, I got an attitude and she acted like I was the one being unreasonable. I just got home from the hospital and made the announcement. She messages me and she's like "can I post the pictures now?" I was in a terrible fog the first 3mos of my baby's life and I wasn't paying attention to anything my sister posted and I feel like it's too late to tell her to stop now. It most likely isn't but at this point, the way she acts with everything concerns me so I'd rather control what she posts rn.

  12. As a grandma myself, there’s no way I would want him handed off to everyone in eyesight!

  13. You're a wonderful mom and grandma! 💕 For some reason my mom doesn't mind when someone she knows or my sister knows to let them hold the baby but when I set boundaries for my husband's stepmom because we knew she'd allow people my husband and I didnt know, my mom agreed with me. So there's double standards here.

  14. I breast fed and gave formula, didn't lose weight and got my period 6 weeks after giving birth. Oh and my baby would only contact sleep for months.

  15. Almost exactly my situation! Only thing different is I had to contact nap, my daughter could sleep at night in her bassinet.

  16. They are upset that they can't control everything. They can't control DH, they can't control his wallet, and they can't control you. They are desperately trying to pretend they never wanted DH or Bebeh so they don't have to admit they don't have control. They chose their egos over family. It is their fault and their choice. I am so sorry, but at least the trash is taking itself out.

  17. That would make sense since after we told them we were leaving, his dad texted him saying "I'm not at all happy you are moving and why. I will respect your wishes but I wanted to let you know" and my husband came back with he had to do what's right for his family.

  18. I think the problem sorted itself out. Why do you want these people in your life? Look at this as a gift of peace. Go over to JustNoMIL and read the crazy crap some of these women do to their DILs when a baby is in the mix. You’ll soon see them ignoring all of you is a good thing.

  19. I think I'm feeling guilty due to how I reacted when this all started. It put a dent in my relationship because his dad heard some things I said and ultimately tried to pressure my now husband then boyfriend to break up with me, but then he turned around and encouraged him to still stay with me.

  20. Bed bugs are no joke. My husband and I didn't realize we had them until we saw dried blood on our mattress cover. We then realized the bugs we were seeing on our futon weren't random. With us having the mattress protector, the bed bugs couldn't burrow into the creases so what happened? They were crawling around under our box spring.

  21. You honestly sound really lucky that you were able to get rid of them like that. They can and will infest everywhere in your house – not just the bed. It took us almost two years to get rid of them.

  22. We checked everything. The outlets, our futon, even the dressers. We moved and never saw them again so we were lucky. I couldn't sleep for awhile because of them.

  23. I was terrified but I knew in the end I would be okay. I didn't want the epidural. I don't do well with needles and thinking about it made my anxiety worse.

  24. My daughter may have been small when she was born (she was born at 37 weeks, 5lbs 12oz) but she was also 11lbs at 3 months. She is currently sound 16lbs at 7 months AND she is quite tall. Your baby might be tall but isn't packing on the weight which can show a difference in comparing growth.

  25. My allergies are so much worse. I was constantly sneezing during the early weeks of my pregnancy and I still do. I get headaches because I am congested a lot.

  26. I can't see your point. My parents are ecstatic over their grandchild, it's the first grandchild, and have been overly pushy about seeing him. I take it in stride and appreciate that they hound me weekly for photos when I forget and FaceTime my son and I weekly without me asking.

  27. Yes! Exactly! Idc, they can be mad at us all they want for moving, just don't involve the baby. She deserves to know all of her grandparents.

  28. But they don’t know her. They’re not involved in her life in a meaningful way at all. And that’s not their fault.

  29. They would get to know her if they called. She could grt used to their voices. She knows my husband's mom's voice. She perks up when we answer the phone.

  30. I have a 6 month old daughter. My bond with her is so different compared to everyone else's bond with her. She does the silliest things and when I laugh, she laughs with me.

  31. I went to a Catholic school for 2 years, from Kindergarten to 1st Grade. I had been diagnosed with ADHD when I was 3.

  32. Shame you’re being downvoted, you’re completely correct.

  33. So having no family history of it and being completely healthy doesn't mean anything? My OB told me the only reason I would get Type 2 was due to me having Gestational Diabetes. I have no other indication I would even develop it at this point so yes, diabetes of my pregnancy has put me at a risk of developing it now.

  34. I am a pathologist, and study how diseases evolve. I specialize in the pathophysiology of prediabetes and diabetes. My intention was to reassure you that your pregnancy did not trigger your prediabetes. Best wishes.

  35. I undestand you specialize in this but I have no history in my family with diabetes. I am completely healthy. My a1c is perfect. I did not have a propensity to develop pre-diabetes/type 2. Gestational Diabetes can absolutely make you higher risk of developing Type 2 even if you've never had any inclination of getting it in the future.

  36. I have two, one is my husband's bio mom- an Angel sent from God if I were to describe her.

  37. I have 2 in 1 since they both dealt with the head and neck region.

  38. I'm 26! Been reading fanfiction since I was 14, there's no way I could give up on it. Yeah, there's periods of my life where I don't read for several months, but I always go back. 🥰

  39. The only reason I'd want to take that option is so I don't get overstimulated. I have a beautiful baby daughter, currently 5 months, and there are times I want to scream because she loves being held by me. She likes to dig her hands and feet into me. I hate it, when all I want to do, deep down, is hold her. It's hard because I have postpartum depression and it's made me autism 10x worse. The rage is unreal.

  40. I've learned babies are pretty resilient. I'm not saying what Maia was doing was right at all but I've squeezed my babies face and bounced her up and down like that, as well as bopped her head a few times by accident (nothing that made her cry). I wasn't rough by any means but I know damn well not to hold her upside down by her legs. Most of these don't help Maia's case at all.

  41. Babies are resilient but this is another level and I’m not sure I would admit I’ve ever squeezed a babies head like that, let alone film it and push it out to millions

  42. Yeah that's extreme. I've never had the thought to squeeze my baby's head, only her face and never did it to the point it bothered her. You can tell she does this stuff to annoy snd irritate them.

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