1. Drink them flowers and fuckkkkin errrrrthang!

  2. Just had my first early morning cigar with a coffee today. Newish smoker and I’ve been meaning to try this combo. But the Montecristo White serie with a regular coffee was so good! Late night when I’m having a cocktail I prefer something a little more bold like a maduro.

  3. Yeahhh had to drop my car off to a mechanic had some time to burn til I can get a ride back to the house. Perfect time waster is always a stogie. Last night I had a Cohiba black I’ve had in the humidor for a solid 7 months ( I’m terrible at aging sticks) it was real nice with some tequila and Coronas

  4. I’m about to go have one…I might time it now because I legit have never paid much attention to the time spent..that being said it should be enjoyed weather you heat that bitch up and smoke it in 25 minutes or chill and smoke for an hour

  5. Which god of fire would you put at the top? I’ve been wanting to try these and the opus x. God of fire are definitely easier to find

  6. God of Fire Aniversario is 100000% my favorite, but the Serie B isn't far behind! The Aniversario is super nutty and creamy, the Serie B is more like cocoa and dry figgy fruitness.

  7. Sounds like aniversario is right up my alley. I’ll definitely try that one first. Thanks for the recommendation

  8. Always outdoors. Closest lounge is a good 30 minute drive and it’s nothing special. But it is getting cold out in NY I wish I had other options, I hate freezing while I smoke.

  9. Get a blanket and a heater and you are good to go….or an electric blanket

  10. Might be ghetto but I straight up turn on the dryer and sit by the outside vent😂😂 get that heat and smell like tide

  11. Oliva serie v Melanio maduro 👍🏻

  12. Montecristo white serie/ Oliva serie v Melanio maduro. 2 I could smoke every day and never get tired of em

  13. Lookin for another M!? I’d be happy to have my first 3sum with you guys!

  14. Oooo I can’t wait to jerk to this tonight!

  15. Omg wow! Best free OF I’ve seen! Your so sexy!

  16. Leaf by Oscar comes in that dope giant leaf, and has a cushy cork style band. I just loved the presentation of the whole stick, just had my first recently

  17. Did you know that the "paper" (cushy cork style band), and the ink used, are both made from tobacco?

  18. I meaaaan..those are pretty fuckin perfect if you ask me!

  19. I really really enjoy them to man. Its what got me into smoking cigars. I’m in NY it’s cold in the winter so I saw these thinking it’s a good quick smoke, to my surprise they actually burn pretty long. I just found a nub nuance in the cigarillo size in Virginia for a really nice price, looking forward to trying it.

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