1. Labour and the Lib Dems will be loosely coordinating to stay out of each other’s way in marginals so both can have clear runs at incumbent Tories. If Reform get going properly and start to chip off a few thousand votes here and there they are in serious trouble.

  2. Honestly think starmer will be so brimming with big dick energy at these polls that I can’t see him cutting any deals. Maybe if it wasn’t such a clearly massive lead

  3. There’s not going to be any formal deals cut, probably just a continuation of the unspoken mutual understanding we’ve seen at by-elections so far this Parliament.

  4. Get a job in a kitchen. You’ll probably start washing dishes and as long as you don’t break to many, turn up on time, and have decent personal hygiene you’ll be earning money and learning transferable employment skills.

  5. Said at the time that Corbyn's "we'll accept the Brexit vote but go for a soft stay-in-the-customs-union Brexit" was a rare moment of Corbyn's instincts corresponding with the realpolitik of the situation. It was a sensible and actually politically viable policy.

  6. I don’t know if you’d realised but we’d left the EU by the time Starmer became leader making the debate around a second referendum moot.

  7. Oh a second referendum was dead in the water by then alright, with the Tories having just won a landslide in a GE the central issue of which was Brexit.

  8. It would’ve been worse if Labour had stuck with their Brexit policy as all external and internal polling was suggesting at the time. They’d been battered in the 2019 EU elections and polled behind the Lib Dems nationally if I recall correctly. What might’ve been helpful is if Corbyn had shown an ounce of leadership on the issue in his 4 years of leader instead of anonymously sitting on the fence.

  9. The Welsh Government didn’t “attack” the cinema in Swansea, the council took them to court after they repeatedly flouted covid laws. They are still open but probably won’t be for long as most people in the city are staying away because they welcomed fascists to vlog and podcast in their premises.

  10. You openly admit you don’t know what you’re talking about. What exactly do you know about my opinions on lockdowns? We were all affected by the pandemic and the lockdown had an enormous detrimental effect on me and my family. Right now this conversation relates to a specific business in Swansea, cinema and co, and a specific far right, fascist organisation that laughably call themselves “voice of wales,” which she openly collided with and took money from. Most of her long-standing local customers found her behaviour reprehensible and she was also denounced by the music and arts groups within the city.

  11. When there are so many reasons to criticise Sunak for which are in his control, why single out his height? Yes, it might be amusing but it's not the reason he's a sh*te PM.

  12. I think it’s because the reality of his height hasn’t properly broken into the public consciousness yet and he’s clearly desperately trying not to draw attention to it.

  13. He's also just shit at public speaking and politics in general, especially without a script

  14. Pretty sure he gets involved too when Pondy starts handing out bumps too lol

  15. One of the funniest jokes in the whole show imo. Smirks a little and then he's just like.. yeah I'll take a bump.

  16. Frank wastes no time either. Every time there’s coke going around he does this dead eyed stare and it always creases me

  17. Times up is a great episode. I do really like some of the jokes in the clip show episode. Mac finds his pride showcases the phenomenal range of the show.

  18. Thomas Edison. He was nothing more than a money hungry guy who stole the ideas of him competitors.

  19. We will never see the Tories go below 150 seats in this country. It’s just not going to happen.

  20. Imagine having to plot the PM's survival, after only 3 months in office. With one noticable, pork market-shaped exception, that's basically an unprecedented level of political weakness.

  21. Can you imagine how shit Sunak would look if he wasn’t following Truss? He’d probably be history by now if he’d followed Johnson.

  22. I swear him and 30p Lee Anderson are just having a competition to be as revolting as possible.

  23. I genuinely can’t wait to see them losing their seats. It’s going to be fantastic.

  24. Not looking good. The worst conceivable scenario is that he'll be removed by a resurging Boris who returns, becomes leader again and actually beats a hapless Starmer

  25. He was toxic to the media, but the media circle was part of Sunak's campaign. The polls only started dropping when it looked like the remain back coup might succeed.

  26. He was also toxic to voters if you look at the by elections and local election results since Partygate.

  27. makes a joke about British teeth “uhhh… uhhhh… school shootings and expensive healthcare bruv”, for people who always go on about banter, you folks are quite bad at it

  28. They aren't right wing about anything that matters. There are social democrat parties in the continent that are far more right wing on immigration or culture. Nobody voted for Truss and her trickle down Reaganomics.

  29. Ok what policies on culture or immigration would you have liked to have seen?

  30. I think everyone, of every party knows immigration is too high and of too low quality. Immigration should be low and only that which benefits the people of Britain.

  31. Ok fair. The conservatives have tried and failed pretty badly to bring net migration down.

  32. I’d be in support of this if we had capital punishment in some form for extreme crimes,we don’t though.

  33. You think we should be executing people for crimes they committed as minors? And you’ve got the cheek to present yourself as morally superior to ISIS. Good grief.

  34. All these years I thought like, I hate karate, and I hate project badass and like, I hate God. But now I’m realizing what I really hate… is Mac

  35. I'd wager most labor MPs are also btl landlords

  36. MPs have to declare if they receive an annual rental income of £10 000 or more. You could look that information up.

  37. Hilarious! Please explain how her tweet belittled the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany for her own gain? Really, go for it. I have the tweet right in front of me. I would LOVE to hear you try and manage that.

  38. Mate you are such a far gone crank you’re not even worth it. What a state you are.

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