1. Is there an objective way to measure racism?

  2. I assume it is based upon certain metrics such as hate crimes, Asians in leadership, etc.

  3. They are conservative in general and might be reluctant to accept new methods and ideas.

  4. How does their country thrive if they are reluctant to accept new methods and ideas?

  5. Yes the work is way more difficult. I work in big4 audit. I did very well in school but audit work regularly makes me feel like an idiot. If you’re still in school your current role is probably handing you the easiest tasks. It’ll get harder the further you go.

  6. I keep reading conflicting information here. There is "you can teach auditing to a monkey" to auditing is very difficult. Interesting ...

  7. "albeit" basically combines "although" with "it is."

  8. Hey Strongdar, I am glad you are back! I hope you are feeling better. Also, thank you so much! You English guru, you!

  9. I think both in/at would still be fine. You might also say "during the meeting" which emphasizes the time rather than the place, which might be more appropriate for a Zoom meeting.

  10. This is such a bizarre interaction it’s just about impossible to believe it actually happened.

  11. The stuff you quoted is correct but you cannot use it as a USB monitor. If you want to use it as a monitor with a laptop it will have to be done wirelessly.

  12. Apparently, you use USB C tethered a Samsung tablet with a PC and use Samsung Dex or Spacedesk.

  13. Just saying your post linked is for using a tablet as a monitor for a PC. I haven't researched much but as far as I can tell it is exclusively for using an android devicd as a monitor for a windows PC. So while it is a tablet as a monitor, it still wouldn't support your scenario of android phone and android tablet with tablet acting as display.

  14. Thank you for the insight. I guess I should have been more specific that I wanted to use a tablet as a secondary monitor for a PC. I thought it had been implied, but I guess not.

  15. I don't think you have your information straight. The reviews for the s7 plus indicate that the monitor experience is quite good.

  16. Do I understand you correctly? You plugged in an external display to your tablet? Do you realize it’s the exact opposite of what you asked?

  17. My question was asking what's the point of getting an external monitor when a tablet can function as one.

  18. FFXIV is very story heavy by design, that's how FF formula works in all their games. If you don't wanna deal with it buy the boost and jump into the group content right away.

  19. I played them on all three, my PC, my phone and tablet, and honestly the phone won. The smaller format was ideal for reading it while in bed. That was when I had the most time to read.

  20. Lemme guess loser OP met a sweet and kind girl who is willing to give him a chance

  21. Maruyama says a lot of things. But if his editor tells him "tough tits the novel makes too much money to quit now" he'll have no choice but to continue.

  22. Editors in japan have way more power then they should have.

  23. I don't understand. If the author wants to quit, then I highly doubt any editor can stop them.

  24. EVE online on and off for 15 year until CCP decided that 20 euro a month is a kids price to pay for a mmo.

  25. If you are looking for a pvp game that rewards skill above all else, the mmo genre probably ain't it.

  26. You have a super power 🤣Being able to harness that energy in a productive manner can be hella useful

  27. People with ADHD have a dormant skill known as hyperfocus, which allows them to focus on a particular task with greater intensity than neurotypical people. However, this skill only becomes usable if said particular task is interesting to them.

  28. We need BO3s.... Lck is 100x more interesting to watch.. and they're way better prepared for international events as a result of Bo3.

  29. The Bo3s matches were done back in 2016, and it heavily divided the viewers.

  30. They are an oligopoly that controls 75% of the professional service market.

  31. I heard the no game no life official translation is really bad all across, and after having read a few dozen pages or so of the first volume, yeah, but I suppose it gets better. I tend to agree there, but I think the author has a certain peculiar style that a lot of people aren't into.

  32. Welcome! It could be easier to get into now because they redesigned a lot of the 1-50 experience. I hope you have lots of fun!

  33. Ye and popcorn chicken but they’re not as popular as like BTS lol

  34. Chinese cuisine is very popular in the West, but that won't contribute much to its soft power. Just because people like your food doesn't necessarily make you cool. Pop culture is what really makes a specific culture stand out, and China is lacking on that front in the international market.

  35. The thing about Genshin though (and Honkai) is that a sizeable chunk of the community treats it like a Japanese game. The Japanese voice lines are wayyy more popular than the Chinese, even though the quality isn't necessarily better. Mihoyo knows that. That's why it's called Genshin in the English market instead of Yuanshen, and Honkai instead of Benghuai. Japanese products are more marketable to the international community than Chinese products. I agree that it's gotten better in the past couple of yeara, but I think a lot of Americans still find Chinese culture unpalatable :(

  36. That's true. I remember they heavily marketed the Japanese voice actors for the game instead of the Chinese ones.

  37. For writing: consider using Grammarly and focus on the mistakes you make while you're writing your next pieces.

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