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  1. Ayreon, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

  2. Going to have to disappoint you once again

  3. I kinda suspected that we're not actually all that liberal and liberated, but that bad?

  4. In my experience, yes. I'm from Belgium and my wife is Slovak. If i'm in Bratislava with her friends from there it's not really a topic. But if i go more rural i heard some shit.

  5. I can imagine. Most of my friends have at least one person in their family whom they don't really speak to because of that proclivity for 'some shit' (usually in more rural areas just as you said). Probably not an exception myself, but I tend to avoid all of my family as much as possible in general.

  6. Are you making just as much money as before? If you are, then don't overthink the situation. It is likely that they want to keep you in the loop by sending you a certain amount of work each month, but all they have is translation revisions right now.

  7. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I'm making about the same amount each month as I used to an average.

  8. Coud it be you're post-editing without realizing it? That way the agency gets top quality at 50% the rate they used to pay you.

  9. Pretty certain I'm doing revision after a human translator, the agency is currently doing a minimum of MTPE. This is a regular part of their workflow (translation, 2 rounds of revisions and proofreading by a native speaker).

  10. Ja som zase mal Orange optiku v BA Petržalke a celkom to padalo, sťažoval sa na to aj majiteľ čo býval o pár ulíc ďalej. :D Takže neviem či je to lokalitou, konkrétnou infraštruktúrou, alebo samotným routerom...

  11. Asi to bude fakt lokalitou, u mňa optika od Tkomu v Petržalke bez najmenšieho problému, zaznamenal som asi jeden výpadok za rok. Ale zase priplatil som si aj za prémiový router, nie ten najlacnejší šmejd, ktorý dávajú v základnej ponuke.

  12. It worries me in general how much of a thing this is. As a postgrad teaching assistant, my wife (then gf) had to tell me that being hot for the professor is actually a thing. Sure, I had to do the required HR training before each semester, but it would never even occur to me that crossing the line is a real possibility, as in something that might really happen. And would certainly never assume that there are people out there who would actively think about using that sort of power for sex. It's weird and inappropriate.

  13. Guys, I'm currently in a psych unit.. but this, is messed up..

  14. Podľa mňa nie veľmi dobrý ťah. Ľudia by sa nemali hanbiť ani báť len za to, odkiaľ sú.

  15. Manželka je černoška. Ohľadom toho nebol v rodine žiadny problém ani narážky, aj keď viem, že časť rodiny má isté rasistické názory. Skutočný problém bol skôr len na úrovni vzťahu nevesta-svokra, ale s tým farba pleti fakt nemá nič spoločné.

  16. Just tried it on mine, it worked. Thanks for the tip!

  17. I wear a TST mask. There's a small chance it's going to land me a job. Wish me luck!

  18. Not even a dad yet and I do this. Also contact pics. It bothers me otherwise. Pretty well-adjusted otherwise.

  19. There's the occasional grey ace dude out there that's had a vasectomy. It's like the opposite of "break glass in case of emergency." It's more like "glass is pre-broken in case of emergency."

  20. If you don't mind me asking, have you managed to meet someone since your divorce? What you described sounds a lot like what's been on my mind for a while. I thought about it long and hard, but should my marriage fail, I do want to get a vasectomy and actually swear off future dating. The whole idea of it is still making a part of me a bit apprehensive, but somewhere deep down I know that it is what I would want.

  21. I have had good sex and I'm still an ace. It's like gay conversion all over again.

  22. Mount Doom was an inside job.

  23. My psychiatrist essentially told me the same thing. Having said that's, she in no way tried to discourage me from microdosing. It was probably more the kind of thing that if there's the slightest possibility of psychosis happening, they're obliged to let you know.

  24. This. This is what they are taught in school from old textbooks. Yes it is true, but if the war on drugs hasn’t begun we’d have 50 years of studies on MDing and the textbooks would be telling a different story.

  25. Yeah, precisely. Even though I am against fully legalizing psychedelics (meaning for recreational use, I simply don't believe that everyone is responsible enough to know what they're doing and why they're doing it), I can't wait for them to become mainstream medicine one day. Because that's what they are, medicine. Hopefully, soon.

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