1. All hate and criticism has been drawn out by everyone else already. I’ll ask a real question.

  2. I go through tickpick if I'm avoiding fees. Or just call the number for tickets from the team. There's a fee, but it was like $3 *This was for Bengals tickets but I'm assuming it's similar

  3. That helps. I looked through MLB and there was a $33 service charge. Hoping to avoid

  4. Reds offer free tickets for military at the ticket windows. If youre looking for a season ticket package with a discount applied, I would call the ticket office and see what they can do.

  5. Yet if a teacher or bus driver were to step in, they would be the first ones fired and sued by the parents of the kids who were assaulting the young girl.

  6. There is no public school teacher or staff that would have stepped in to stop that fight. The only thing they’re and about is that this got caught on film. They WANT this to happen.

  7. And when you do see a teacher try to step in, they are posted all over social media and demonized for “attacking a child”. 🤡 🌎

  8. It’s good to see some states and agencies taking a stance like this.

  9. I hope they stick it to HB. He is deserving of a long stretch in federal prison.

  10. Shared cell with “the big guy” would be perfect. Let them rot together.

  11. So they donated to the company AFTER it was required to register as a foreign agent…..why?

  12. I'm tired of investigations they don't do a damn thing except to set or firm up a narrative for the left.

  13. Except this is not just the Left. Republicans are also implicated here. If we have government officials openly using foreign agents as part of their election campaign, that needs to be known and investigated.

  14. “accusing officers of allowing for a dangerous situation that violated his son’s constitutional rights and resulted in his death.”

  15. Solid grab. Love the Desert Warrior look. Hope it shoots like a champ!

  16. The government is broken. Lack of accountability at all levels is a big reason why. If they don’t want to work in the office, maybe they should just “learn to code”

  17. Lots of hunting gear isn't NIR compliant because animals aren't running nods.

  18. This is a fashion sub, no one is worried about NIR compliance, sir.

  19. Will the VP be attending the funerals for all of the gang murders in Chicago? DC? LA? NYC? Or only the ones that help the agenda…..?

  20. “Media” is not neutral. It’s a propaganda machine for the highest bidder.

  21. This should be a good test to see how he holds up as the speaker. There is no doubt the media will spin the outcome as “a threat to democracy” either way.

  22. I’m sure that they won’t be able to resist sprinkling in some Trump hate and a Jan 6th reminder even though it has nothing to do with the story

  23. 100%. TDS is always a driving factor for the (D)

  24. Maybe there is some hope for IL after all. Keep fighting and stay focused!

  25. Compare that to an estimated 90b in PPP loan fraud… entire pandemic was scam city and full of fraud

  26. One of the largest, easiest money laundering schemes ever produced. Only 2nd to Joe’s Ukraine.

  27. Moose, black bear, brown bear, and polar bear in the arctic circle

  28. Of those I’d think Polar bears and moose are the bigger problems. Only going off what I’ve heard, no personal encounters.

  29. I had a mother moose and a baby moose in my front yard this morning

  30. Nice. Closest I get are some asshole skunks or a raccoon here in Kentucky.

  31. either that or a weight class for a fight / wrestling etc.

  32. That was my other guess. The 191 seems in line with the 5’10” for military regulation. I never made weight, thankfully I have a thicker neck and always passed the tape test for BMI. Crappy, outdated test, but still a Pass.

  33. Water weight and heavy/intense cardio for sure. I’ve done the h/w many times and at 220lbs and 5’10”, never had concerns. Would miss weight, but always pass the tape.

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