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  1. Damn. Time flies. Feels like it just aired 15 days and 21 hours ago.

  2. It didn't kill him. You are correct. Unfortunately he was not as chicanerous as the fire. The fire then proceeded to kill him.. ironically

  3. What if Chuck actually faked his death and was able to crawl under a dumpster and the body that burned in the fire was actually ERNIE??

  4. She had a great introduction, then they just kinda did nothing with her. She’s hot tho

  5. Imo, June and Dorie are the best. They made a badass couple and I loved their chemistry.

  6. Possible plot hole: Abrahams glasses were never shown or mentioned again

  7. I’m sure it’s a good finale I really doubt really anything AMC drops is genuinely bad

  8. I really enjoyed season 11 personally. A lot of people dropped TWD in season 7 and 8 but they really missed out on the seasons after that imo

  9. Wasn’t as weird as Rick and Eastman hooking up for 3 straight episodes, just felt like filler tbh

  10. Mr. Yo seemed like a cool character. They also introduced officer friendly too and then he just disappeared for two seasons, they 5 seasons later it’s revealed he died offscreen by Morales

  11. Possible plot hole: why didn’t Negan kill finger in this scene

  12. Possible plot hole: why didn’t Jesse cook with Mr. Pike instead of Mr. White

  13. my reddit glitched and just showed taco cabeza for 6 slides

  14. all of you desperately need to go to a psychiatric hospital

  15. my reddit glitched and just showed Jimmy pitching his business ideas to Chuck for 6 slides

  16. I liked the scene where Max cheated on Gus with Huell. Really adds some flesh to his character, but when he said “I fucked Huell” that was just taking it too far.

  17. This is another major plot hole. Negan also said to Sasha that she has “beach ball sized lady nuts.”

  18. The girl who was being eaten in the hospital while Kelly was trying to pull her away has also been in the show since S7

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