1. Sure was! Actually I loved everyone's dresses I thought the whole group looked great

  2. Has there ever been a weekly discussion post? I rarely participate in the daily discussions because I usually only binge watch on the weekends and by the time I get around to wanting to post the daily watch threads are kinda dead, if I even remember which day something happened. So I figure maybe there are other people like me who would want to discuss everything that happened in the week in one spot. But if that was once a thing and people didn't participate, then maybe not. LOL

  3. Good idea! I binge watch sometimes and I get all the days mixed up of what happened when!

  4. Thank you for all you do! I love reading and sharing with fellow soap fans 🙂

  5. Who is this Darius Rucker clone that Austin is being forced to work on?? 🤔

  6. No idea but I was happy to see Todd today. Oh I mean Austin

  7. I would never defend Brooke for sleeping with her daughter's or sister's husbands. I would ask though that, if people must keep bashing Brooke, stick to the things she actually is guilty of. She's fucked up enough times. No need to make up more things. :D

  8. I know this is going to sound silly but I think why Brooke annoys me so much is that all the men think she's soooooo great. I love Bill and Deacon and they both talk about Brooke like she walks on water. Then Eric said something about her being perfect for Ridge then Ridge says he's so in love with her and I'm like enough already geez! I just don't see it.

  9. This is simply inaccurate. She loved and helped raise his children. They began to resent her and work against her when Taylor returned. And Steffy took her dislike of Brooke out on Hope.

  10. I can't be the only one who feels Spinelli is a complete waste? Can I?

  11. Eh he's ok...at least I don't reach for the remote to fast forward through him like I do with Carly/Drew/Joss

  12. Oh my! talk about torture! Ugh. Add in self righteous Joss and we'll all be tortured

  13. Why would they write Nate being that dumb and vengeful? He was head of surgery and has so much experience negotiating how to talk to loved ones in bad situations. Now, all of a sudden he’s become an idiot? Why, Nate, why?

  14. Oh yeah true he was a great doctor I don't get it either

  15. Elena! I really like her...the voice of reason...good scene

  16. I hope they never catch the killer so Snarly stays gone forever. Drew can stay with her.

  17. Woo hoo!! Sounds good to me please send Joss away with them

  18. I don't get how Brooke felt threatened. Wasn't she doing the threatening? Telling Thomas he's crazy basically and not a stable good father...of course Thomas got angry and had a stern voice...it's a natural reaction to her being bitchy

  19. Yes, even Thomas. Brooke supported him, and was there for him when no one else was. They were the face of some fashion line, and he kissed her without discussing it with her first, because he was attracted to her. Then he kissed her while she was sleeping on the plane. The plane went down and they were stranded. Brooke ate some poisonous berries and offered them to Thomas. Stephanie gets to Thomas and convinces him to lie about what happened on the island and tell everyone that him and Brooke slept together. Ridge and Brooke separate and he goes to be with Taylor. Stephanie and Thomas reveal the truth on Taylor and Ridge's wedding day. Brooke defended Thomas and believed him about what happened on the island.

  20. Thanks for the history here. I didn't know Brooke was ever close to Steffy or Thomas. You'd never know by listening to them today.

  21. Ok this might be out there but I was thinking perhaps Thomas called CPS. Maybe he's thinking nothing will come of it, just a warning and then he can pin it on Brooke and everyone will think it was Brooke and that breaks up their marriage... and bonus points everyone hates her for it.

  22. Thank you. I’m more concerned for South Florida, but we’ll see how things turn out.

  23. THANK YOU. I was just thinking that! You can get that cheap as heck Ferrero Rocher chocolate in any drug store in America.

  24. Ooooh sounds like heaven to me I'm a chocolate lover I'll be going there !

  25. I love serial killer storylines lol. Way more than the romance. I'm sure that says something about me, but yay Hooker!

  26. LoL says something about me too! I'll take a serial killer story over romance any day if the week

  27. Ridge is the problem. And Liam is just like him. They both insist on telling two women they love them...while holding them and looking deeply into their eyes. Never once has either made a clean, definitive break by saying, "While I care for you, I don't love you the way I love my spouse," regardless of who they're married to.

  28. U idiot brooke u didn’t even mention that Thomas was using the knife to cut an apple

  29. I tried to be fair since I am not a Brooke fan so I waited for her to say just once that there was an apple involved. Nope. Nothing. Just Thomas had a knife. She could have at least mentioned the apple. What a complete bitch.

  30. I’m going to be livid if she doesn’t survive. I love the character and Carolyn Hennessy is one of the better actors on the show.

  31. Brooke is literally the most horrible gutter trash of all of daytime. She is unhinged and needs to be institutionalized. She makes me ill. 🤢🤢🤢

  32. It must be in her delivery because I find her just as annoying. I get that Taylor and Steffy have done as much if not more than her but there's just something about her telling Thomas off today that makes me want to slap her and root for anyone against her. I don't know why because I like KKL as an actress I guess I just can't warm up to this character

  33. Yup I fast forward all the way.... didn't know that was the girl from happy days until I read it here!

  34. You know what, I like the direction they went with Brooke and Taylor conversation. If there is a plot twist or some unilateral action taken (i.e. they both dump Ridge), then cool, we’re getting back on the right track. Lol

  35. Paris is never a welcome sight. She's a waste of screen time.

  36. Loved Phyllis sparkly skirt today! Lily's purple dress was really pretty too

  37. That exchange between Diane and Phyllis was good. I love Phyllis, but Diane was totally right. She was really good today.

  38. Loved it! Go Diane! I love Phyllis too. .. that was my favorite Diane scene since she's been back

  39. Me too! They have chemistry together it's so nice to watch their scenes

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