1. i wouldnt even recommend eros or ysl y edp. For 15 year old, you need something extremely inoffensive, being around people often. I would recommend versace pour homme

  2. Get a lawyer and file for divorce. She most likely already fucked him

  3. ex girlfriend i hope unless you are a cuck. Probably ex best friend too as im sure theyll fuck eventually

  4. Hi, can you tell me one situation when girls compliment your aftershave smell?

  5. I put it on and went in the car and the girl said i smell good

  6. Oh wow! You noticed she was trying to smell you again and again in the car?

  7. I toss them. Too much space, unless i find something meaningful

  8. You can be there for her if you want , but she cheated so divorce her regardless

  9. It probably is. Out of all the ones in my collection it's by far the most popular one and yet I'd say it's the "worst" scent (I still think it's very good)

  10. You need a better job somewhere they treat others normaly not dominos punching ball !

  11. U all need to focus on the issue with girlfriend, not his job

  12. Wrong, GF is correct here. Maybe rude in how she expressed it, but c'mon dude, have some self-respect. I imagine it was a pathetic site, and he doesn't even see a problem with it. He's continually justifying it because of the workplace culture.

  13. Yes i agree with that, but the girlfriend is far from supportive

  14. You spent most of the post explaining that you fundamentally have different views on how a relationship should work. Move on.

  15. Its crazy how people know they’re incompatible but continue the relationship. Is OP scared of finding a future partner or what

  16. Like you said, she wants someone to pay for everything, and you dont want to do that. Therefore, dont do it, and break up. Shes the type of girl that makes money but doesnt want to touch it. She wants to use your money instead

  17. Yeah it really depends on the sales person. You could walk in the same store and the associate will say sorry were out. But when i made it a mission to get samples, at one point i had like 50 samples all free. But it takes time

  18. that is def not a women’s scent but a lot of fragrance can be pulled off by both. Thats why some houses like tom ford or mfk just say theyre unisex

  19. I agree. I think its the strong flower note. Thats why the question was is there one that you have people think is a womens.

  20. I get a fresh woody from that one. But yes a lot of my scents. Like Oud satin mood, grand soir, blue de chanel, prada black… women have told me they would wear them too.

  21. scratch whole list and just get Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau extreme

  22. Its the best chanel. and Most normal people never heard of it

  23. You wear it on hot days too? I’ve been trying to find a good vanilla one for everyday use even on hot days but haven’t found one that Fragrantica says is good for summer, only fall/winter. part of me is scared to go against that 😂. I’m new to this

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