1. Great video, and what a complex phone to repair. Shame on Apple for the ransomware.

  2. If it’s an automatic, it’s the natural creep of auto boxed cars. I’ve only driven stick until recently, and I find that creep a bit unnerving.

  3. It's no different, really. The main difference is a Chinese company stealing your data vs an American one.

  4. That’s the point that AOC was making in her first ever Tiktok.

  5. I’m sure I’ve seen one from an “I’m gonna get crapped on if I stay here any longer” POV in one of the dino documentaries I’ve watched.

  6. Only because people have already posted. Otherwise no.

  7. How’d that happen then? You can’t keep us in suspenders like this.

  8. Born deformed, feet were reconstructed at birth, feet collapsed overtime and it got really bad when I was 19 and voila! Giant heel screw

  9. Well I hope they stay fixed this time. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Yeah. You’re driving a race car… in a car park.

  11. Apart from the sprouts, it looks a bit ball sack like too.

  12. I found Mel Gibson’s climactic death in Braveheart by being hung drawn and quartered, although most of the violence was off screen, it stuck with me for a while.

  13. Lol I’ve not seen Passion, that I can remember at least, so I’ll just nod sagely 😉

  14. Fish have bones. So do factory workers. Which is it? You decide.

  15. Well it is the second bone she’s found in as many tuna cans, so it’d be good to find out 😅

  16. Looks fishy, but I’m neither a doctor or a fish doctor. I think she needs a new brand ;)

  17. My takes on the first 3 movies follow right along with yours. However, there were enough interesting moments and clever lines for me to justify a 2-hour time investment. I'll watch 4 because I'm curious to see where they are going with it.

  18. That’s fair. I’m becoming very jaded with Hollywood lately. Maybe I need to watch a genuinely brilliant movie to refresh my palette?

  19. Maybe so. To get through JW3, I had to split my viewing into 4 segments with multi-day breaks in between. I was able to restore my resolve and make it through to the end.

  20. I sat through in a oner. It just seemed to be one long race between more and more improbably fight sequences. Reminded me a bit of how Arrow became after a few series. I left that for the same reason.

  21. Fill our media channels with nothing but bad news. A scared population is easier to control.

  22. And they learned the whole playbook from the Nazis. That nice Mr Goebbels.

  23. If they don’t have homes already, they’ll get snapped up. Utterly gorgeous :)

  24. Fucked. For for a moment there, they’ll give truly wonderful value to the shareholders.

  25. Millennium Falcon. Do I really need to explain?

  26. The price of the tickets and how often they get cancelled.

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