1. Yes, Vertice Patagonia at least is down. I was still able to reserve via Las Torres. There is a message about it on the

  2. With EAP can you use it if you just want general therapy? Or does it have to be more of a crisis or debriefing sort of thing?

  3. You can always start by reaching out to your health insurance! Just keep in mind you need a "diagnosis" to bill insurance so don't downplay your symptoms or insist that you are fine. Even if they don't cover that much of the cost, they can help you find someone which is often the most overwhelming part.

  4. There have never been many career opportunities in Tucson. With so many companies hiring remotely, and the fact that you have a technical skill, I would focus your efforts on finding a remote job at a company based in a different city.

  5. Lesbians are famously difficult to find. Touchstone Climbing gyms have a queer climbing night and it seems like there are a fair number of women type people in attendance.

  6. I believe SPCA has a Facebook page for rehoming. You can also post on Craigslist and other for sale pages. Be honest about his issues, vet the new owner and charge a reasonable rehoming fee. A lot of people are looking for dogs right now.

  7. My dog wears a muzzle and a leash wrap that says "NOT FRIENDLY - STAY AWAY" and people consistently try to pet him, make kissy noises at him, and let their dogs approach him.

  8. My ACD recently destroyed a plush toy and my dad restuffed it, put the squeaker back in and sewed it back together 🥹

  9. All the obvious answers are here but if you want to mix it up and do something more urban you can run along the Mission Bay lagoon over to Embarcadero to Market and back to wherever you started. It's pretty nice!

  10. There are a ton of social service orgs in SF. I'm not sure which ones offer supervision, because the roles tend to be more case management/ solution-focused. I would just search LinkedIn or other job sites and try to get interviews, then remember you are also interviewing them -- you don't want to take a job at the wrong agency. Good luck!

  11. My car is not old but I've gotten minor service at Primarily Japanese and they were easy to work with. The name suggests they could help you out.

  12. I think Tucson people are generally pretty good about leashing their dogs especially in neighborhoods. Parks some people might let them off but it should be easy to see and avoid.

  13. If it's a private landlord they will probably work with you to break the lease early. I did this recently and my landlord asked me to show the apartment to find new tenants to replace me. They did not take over my lease, they just signed a new one. I got my security deposit back.

  14. Some of the group names are Friends looking for SF Housing! -Anjou, The SF Crew, Bay Area Rooms and Apartments

  15. All 23 year olds, definitely pick Mission. NoPa will be boring for you guys. Mission will offer tons of stuff right out your front door. Have fun and welcome to the city!

  16. Just taught my dog to close the door and that one had him pretty stoked, not the most active but it's a little more physical than speak or shake.

  17. Shaping with a clicker, just indicated towards the door until he poked it with his nose and started rewarding as he got closer and closer to what I was looking for. I have also seen people teach it by teaching the dog to touch a post it with their nose, then putting the nose on the door.

  18. Looks like an ACD to me but they're not the most consistent breed. There's a lot of variation between dogs. He is unique!

  19. Mental stimulation can be more tiring than exercise! Play some mind games with your pup inside or teach them some new tricks.

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