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  1. I mean this sums her up perfectly. Dodgy as hell.

  2. Wouldn’t you go to a doctor if your dizzy not twitter?

  3. Isn’t it just filters, helping her bad applying of makeup?

  4. Nature and lots of unnecessary plastic = makes sense

  5. It looks nice but it does feel like they bought takeout. I’m confused why you would cook in takeout pans 🤨 Seems suspicious. If Moses is going along with her lying about this, well he’s scum of the earth.

  6. When you were growing up and before, kids all went out and got jobs. They worked their 10-20 hours a week doing these jobs.

  7. Did you read what the original poster actually wrote? A lot of these businesses were just fluffing them about, poor communication, reduced hours all of a sudden on the shift. The poster was happy to work for them, but with poor management and communication, what’s the point? The original poster is saying these type of businesses are not viable long term, and just hanging on by a thread because they can use certain schemes to help prop themselves up and do the bare minimum in helping their staff feel appreciated (poor wages doesn’t help) and useful.

  8. There’s a lot of small businesses that should never have been running. A lot of them need to go. The economy is just making it tighter for them to get away with shoddy business practices. I’m not saying all, but there a lot of small businesses that just should never, ever had run in the first place.

  9. I wonder whatever that community was…now see Moses now and think “man you sold your soul!”.

  10. A normal healthy human would be concerned that people think that you lie. But instead she uses it as a social media prop. Okay? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. she doesnt look pregnant here is this old? bc on tic tok her stomach is huge

  12. Filters you can see the kitchen behind her is slightly curved inwards.

  13. Hey I'm sorry that you are dealing with fatigue. It can be psychological like you said. Depression and psychological disorders can lead to fatigue. I don't know much about the connection between fatigue and bipolar disorder but I guess it makes sense when you are hypomanic or manic for some time and sleep less that you will be fatigued afterwards when you get into a depressed state.

  14. You should look into chronic fatigue syndrome (me/CFS). My fatigue came along with the start of food intolerances and then eventually diagnosed with me/CFS as other symptoms arose . Food intolerances is part of the criteria. Do you get PEM, fatigued after activities (

  15. Dude why are you getting downvoted constantly - who has a vendetta against you on here?

  16. Query, how do you keep track of downvotes? I notice people pick up other peoples downvotes but I only notice if I look at my own comment and remembered the last number it was sitting at. I don’t really notice other peoples downvotes. I think I must be missing a step 😬

  17. My answer is I spend too much time on here because I have a desk job I get insanely bored at and I pick up on who is getting targeted. So when someone makes a new post/comment I will watch it and see how quickly it gets downvoted. Also I am quick to pick up on if a person is an instigator and will also see if that plays a factor in it or not. If that’s the case then I stop paying attention to those downvotes and move along.

  18. Oh you have a good eye to notice these discrepancies. I’m terrible at spotting those sort of things, despite me being on here often. Thanks for the explanation 👌🏼

  19. YES. It must be fucking EXHAUSTING to be even peripherally in the sphere of the sphere of her "usership." I would have had to cut her out a long time ago. I had a friend, that was like this that was just completely self-absorbed, everything was about her, her world, her life. One day it got so toxic that I decided to test her, and I said "I'm actually at my son's soccer game right now he scored 6 goals and it's AMAZING, HE IS ONLY 5 and we're all so PROUD of him…" and all all I got was an IMMEDIATE text back from her saying "Call me" and when I called her it was still all about her and that's when I cut her off.

  20. You shouldn’t be relying on your unborn child to make you feel a certain way. Who does that? Why is the only your unborn child there to help you with all your shallow feelings and prop up your looks? There’s never any concern for the child, only what the child can do for her and her needs. God it’s going to be so depressing seeing that child neglected and used as prop.

  21. Trish is a shopaholic though..any excuse for her to buy copious amounts of stuff, she will. A baby is definitely a reason to buy copious amounts of stuff ( especially if it's your first baby). So I really do find it strange. And maybe she has bought all this stuff and hasn't shown it but that's not like her, she knows if she were to do a baby haul it would get views. I give up trying to figure her out lol.

  22. She could have had so much content, instead she shows the same filtered baby bump bad bikini body and food eating videos, again and again and again. Like if she had a proper manager, they would be telling her to mix-it up and not keep it so repetitive as it’s boring..

  23. They have nothing to talk about so the conversation is always centered around whatever food they’re eating and then trying to make conversation by asking if whoever has ever had this in the past. Zero chemistry. Two co-workers who don’t care about each other or genuinely listen trying to run out the clock on their shift.

  24. Oh I just wrote a very similar comment. It’s exactly like two co-workers that don’t know or care about each other. Just going through the motions. I can just picture them waiting to go into a meeting and they are the first ones there and so are forced to do small talk. It’s very bizarre.

  25. The way she talks to him and ask questions, it’s as if they are just work colleagues that don’t know each other too well, but trying to make casual small talk because they are forced too. She seems like she just going through the motions, so she seems semi interested (but doesn’t really care). So weird. I’ve never seen any couple like this.

  26. I wonder if the ever eat wholemeal bread? Oh and sorry that bag is hideous.

  27. I mean if Mark’s cheesy sales pitch was anything to go by, it will be a flop. Sorry it feels like he wants to fulfill his nerdy fantasies.

  28. I don't know what their goal is. But if they can recreate the experience of visiting museums and art galleries around the world I would like it.

  29. You were already able to with Google. Google teamed up with major art galleries and museums and had virtual tours. I’m not sure if it’s still around, but personally I didn’t enjoy it.

  30. I’m suprised it’s not a higher figure for the petition. A year or so ago there was uproar about the brand cricut and them trying to force people on to a subscription who already owned the machines. I’m pretty sure it got to a million signature on votes in a couple of days.

  31. You know she’s lying when she look up and to the side.

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