1. I liked Icehome better in some ways. But also there’s a whole world of monster himbos waiting for you.

  2. I suppose these aren’t all himbos per se but under the heading of sweet monsters with fancy peen, these are favorites:

  3. Okay but can you share the heartfelt message from the lady who started that week? Because I would like to copy her homework lol.

  4. My kids and I would be dead. Quite a few of my friends and/or their kids would be dead. My kids both did some NICU time (34 weekers) and speaking to the NICU nurses, they get a lot of transfers from home births and even birthing centers, often with oxygen deprivation during birth. I don’t know when we started romanticizing childbirth but it is and always has been a life threatening medical event for birthing parent and child. If choosing to be medically supervised makes my pregnancy and childbirth non-sovereign then so be it. I prefer to live.

  5. Yes. Rent one from the manufacturer. If your baby hates it, send it back, you’re out like $150. If your baby likes it, you get to sleep. We rented one got my son, and idk if it’s just personality or if the snoo really did help him learn to sleep or whatever, but he is so much easier to put down than my daughter (no snoo) ever was.

  6. That’s a clear violation of the National Labor Relations Act. Please know that if you decide to file a charge with the National Labor Relations Board, it is also illegal for your employer to retaliate against you. That’s not going to necessarily stop them before they fire you, but the NLRB is a pretty aggressive agency.

  7. Because boomers will die on the spot if everything isn’t about them.

  8. I had one emergency c-section and one semi-planned (it was earlier than we’d hoped, but my water broke and I didn’t go into labor, so we booked the OR the next morning and I walked in by myself). Both were very smooth recoveries, moving was slow for maybe a week or so and I took it easy for another week after that. I don’t pee when I sneeze and sex doesn’t hurt. All in all I’d give c-sections a 10/10

  9. That sounds absolutely awful and I’m truly sorry you’re going through it. I’m now two for two on 34-weekers (spontaneous rupture) and they’re both thriving. My oldest is four and has never had any delays. My youngest is five months old so it’s a bit early to say but so far so good.

  10. I don’t know how it compares to shelving paper, but silhouette transfer tape is noticeably worse than cricut and I’m never buying it again.

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  12. The ultrasounds can be wrong…but in either direction. So your baby could be smaller than they think or bigger. It is a much smoother process to have a c-section scheduled than it is to go into it after labor starts. Your doctor is in the best position to explain to you all the different ways an emergency c-section is more medically complicated than a scheduled one. Anecdotally, my scheduled c-section was an infinitely more relaxed experience than my emergency one.

  13. Your mom is out of line. Both of my kids were born at 34 weeks after a spontaneous rupture. It happens. And obviously you weren’t being overly reactionary given that they medicated you to stop the contractions and didn’t just send you on your way.

  14. Find a new provider. Your kid is going to have a lot of runny noses. My son has had congestion since he started daycare 1.5 months ago. My oldest is four and I’m pretty sure the only reason she doesn’t have one all the time is that her class is old enough to wear masks. It doesn’t matter how much you love your provider if you can’t leave your child there reliably.

  15. Had my first at 30, don’t miss my old life at all. I do sometimes miss peace and quiet but I love having a great reason not to go anywhere and take breastfeeding breaks during social gatherings.

  16. I started offering a weighted straw cup to my baby when he was six months old - it took him several weeks to figure it out but all of a sudden he got it. We just offered it to him every meal and let him play around with it

  17. I cut down to first thing in the morning and last thing before bed at about a year. By one year, your child is supposed to be getting most of their nutrition from solids, and that definitely seemed to happen for us pretty naturally. Eventually we got down to just breastfeeding before bed. We stopped doing that at 18 months and neither of us had any issues, we just switched to cuddling instead.

  18. My FIL got my daughter a large ride on Sven (from frozen) toy. I really wish that gift could have lived elsewhere. Wait and see what it is before you get annoyed about it.

  19. My daughter is four and our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. They do a much better job of keeping her appropriately engaged and stimulated than I ever could. My infant son just started at the same daycare and so far it has been a better experience than our nanny share by orders of magnitude.

  20. It’s okay to do the bare minimum when you aren’t sick. You’re a person, it’s okay to have low energy days.

  21. Mornings are the absolute bane of my existence with the 4 year old and the baby who nurses constantly and hates the car. It’s all hands on deck until we get the kids buckled in, then I drop them at school while my husband gets ready for work. I WFH, and he’s usually gone when I get back. Mornings are way too hard to do alone if it’s not essential (like if your partner has an early morning call). My two cents, your partner can get his ass out of bed and get one of the kids ready to go or he can supervise the toddler until you get back from kindergarten drop off.

  22. First kid: water broke at 33+5, I started contracting and needed magnesium to slow labor for 48 hours. Cue the pulmonary edema. I pushed for over an hour before I realized my body just didn’t have anything left to give. C-section.

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