1. "Incentive" and "Healthcare" don't fly so well in the same sentence. Time you go, crazy lady.

  2. None of this shit should've even happened in the first place! She should've been flagged as soon as she told the bishop "either I'm gonna commit murder or I'm getting a temple recommend"

  3. I think she exaggerated or made up that story , or maybe the bishop thought she was joking. Nobody gets a temple recommend for threatening homicide. Hindsight is 20/20.

  4. She's dialed. The cheese has slipped off her cracker. There were more warnings than just that. Sooooo. MANY Warnings.

  5. DiffiCult Research is a fantastic resource- Kresha, an actual family member, has dedicated her time to learn about all the facets of how this came about, all the way down to the roots. 💯 recommended

  6. Well, duh. His kids gave away his defense strategy from the start. You can almost hear the thumping of the bus wheels rolling over Lori now...

  7. You're hearing the train from the other side of the highway for sure :)

  8. It's lovely bobbing along. Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briney sea.

  9. What a chance, to get a better peep, at the plants, and creatures of the deep, we gliiiiiiiiide, far below the rolling tiiiide, sereeeeene, through the bubbly blue and greeeeen...

  10. I’m really disappointed with how everyone in this subreddit automatically assumes the worst when they see a knife at a train station

  11. Chad's children are saying their father couldn't have buried the children in his yard bc he was a professional grave digger and never would have dug such a shallow and easily detected grave. That is why they believe him.

  12. To be fair he's also a "professional author" so I don't put much stock in any work coming from him as legit. 😆

  13. I hope the guy he found using the online health system so he could chew him out in front of his kids, gets to say his piece.

  14. Finally got my father in after 5+yrs of spasmodic Torticollis to see the surgeon, as he has cervical stenosis and his facial muscles are also mildly involved...he will try a conservative approach starting with amytriptaline for sleep, a water traction device daily, and a nerve block. If that doesnt work, in 3 months they will try an ablation of the affected nerve. If that doeant work, they will widen the former the nerve comes out of. Perhaps after that, a fusion. I don't know if that helps at all, but we've done the trigger point injections, physio, botox... Just want you to know you are not alone, you are worthy of treatment and care during this difficult journey!

  15. Can I ask what kind of nerve block was done and how long it lasted? I haven’t heard about the abalation… what is the hope of that and the length of time it should last?

  16. He hasn't had it yet, I will update you when he gets it- I think it's just a cortisone style shot for his C6 Nerve, so if it doesn't work then it takes 3 months to leave his system before they try the ablation. He's a 70yr old trucker and the constant spasms especially after exertion has totally changed his personality...I wish he could take higher test drugs but he can't. At least if he could have cannabis we could watch some shows and laugh together! But of course that's a no as well. You are definitely not alone. Keep advocating for yourself. Keep getting more opinions and trying new things. My dad has had such a tough time even getting to this point and I know it's generational programming telling him to suck it up and nobody cares, man up, all that. I know you're tired. Keep going anyway ❤

  17. What I can tell you right now is to watch it on 1.5 speed or more. Because none of this case is a TLDR. If you want to know the facts, dive into a short video of hers from earlier on. Most of what we know about Chad's light and dark rating system and a lot of evidence regarding the kids, the religious aspects, and the timeline of the murders comes back to Ian Pawlowski's statement.

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