1. All the habaneros... Damn, that does look good. And I want some of that peanut butter too.

  2. It is pretty damn good. The right amount of heat, without overshadowing the other flavours. The peanut butter is the buisness, so versatile for cooking or just on its own. 🤤

  3. I went online and found the peanut butter on Amazon. Bought it. No luck on the beer but maybe I'll just stir a spoonful of it in a pint of lager. Grin

  4. Amen. An entertaining app (Lawn to Wildflowers) shows how to select native plants to maximize bees and butterfly populations. Beer needs those pollinators active and happy.

  5. I couldn’t find the app. Is it for iPhone?

  6. Mmm yes! It's almost warm enough for coffee on the porch. Alllllmost.

  7. Indeed. This rainy winter seems to have dragged on longer than others. Soon...

  8. Boneyard in Bend, OR. Grab the Hop Venom or Notorious. Crux is also in town and top notch. Bonus...the last Blockbuster is next to Boneyard.

  9. I will never turn down a free beer, but if we're in Astoria, I'll raise your Buoy with a sixer from Ft George. Cheers!

  10. Talk about squirt guns..are those things loaded? I give up!

  11. (Soft lob) Better than riding the short bus to school? Believe in heroes? More fun than a 25 cent hooker at the end of Fleet Week?

  12. Big fan of 21st Amendment. If you haven't tried the Hell or High Watermelon, give it a go. Likewise, I'll keep an eye out for that pom...haven't had it yet.

  13. Always a fun time to be had in Newport. Hit the Rogue brewery and then stumble down to the Ripleys Believe It or Not. Then crab cakes. Then back to the Rogue. So fancy they had to name a beer for it.

  14. What is your Roller Girl name? And what is your favorite Roller Girl name? LOVE roller derbys.

  15. That thing looks like it should be topped off with dry ice so a blanket of fog comes floating out of it. It looks impressive and delicious! Cheers

  16. I will miss all your Cinci beer posts. Especially Tafts. Or maybe Mad Tree. So many good reminders

  17. Timmy Hortons! Love their coffee and their muffins. Speaking of great muffins....

  18. No I've never heard of Boneyard actually. I do like trying out new breweries though. I'll see if I can find some of their beers!

  19. Yeah...I just re-reviewed... I was mistaken. Oops. If you are ever in the Bend or Ptown area, look up Boneyard beers. Or any other of our beers for that matter

  20. I don't think I've seen Hop Venom.. what brewery is it from?

  21. Gasp! It's from Boneyard out of Bend. I thought I saw a Boneyard beer on one of your posts.

  22. You Canadiens are insane! Don't sit on a metal bench...you might get stuck.

  23. Looks like you're offering a mouthful Thirsday. I'll take two please.

  24. Hmmm...that just sounds like an excuse to drive out to Astoria and do a brewery run. I'm sold.

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