1. It’s happening solo play though.

  2. Still did the trick for me in one of the areas that kept freezing. Was also just playing solo.

  3. On console yesterday and kept freezing at different location but turning off all things related to cross save did the trick for me. Good luck!

  4. In terms of impact for the battle rap scene as a whole:

  5. I would add that it also made choking more acceptable and one up the performance part of battle rap with the casket, putting something on big screen etc.

  6. It's not millenials. We are in our 30's and 40's now. We have permission to place wires in our homes as we see fit.

  7. Well the early millennials would be in their 30s now so I don’t think you necessarily proved the person wrong with that.

  8. I literally live in a shed in the backyard, i don't have a choice on my internet connection. I'm lucky i even have WiFi. While i understand nobody wants to play me, what options do i really have? Just not play?

  9. Im wired but accept wireless all the time and it’s usually fine. It ain’t that serious and I bet there’s good amount of playerbase that are the same that you won’t have to worry about finding matches.

  10. Definitely agree, would love to see data on retention. However, can you explain why modern controls would be skipping fundamentals like spacing, reads, etc? To me, the only thing they skip are things like combos and optimal punishes. Like whether a new player learns about frame data and when is it “their turn” will depend on the player and not whether they use an auto combo.

  11. Gwynevere and the fire maidens/doll, no doubt

  12. It’s just adjustment and it happens every fighting game for me. I mean Strive feels slow compared to past Guilty Gear for example. Try not to compare too much and come at it with open mind, you might just find how different fighting games do their own thing. Or not, not wrong with just sticking with one game either.

  13. When I think of “ Man “, I think of shutterbugsean.

  14. It literally tells you if you don't quit the video after 5 seconds.

  15. Tells you what though? I stopped reading your comment after the 4th word.

  16. Won't happen it's just gonna be sequels and wolverine isn't coming out this year

  17. So you’re saying you’d rather spend 2 days than 1 day 24 hours?

  18. I got Brizz too. Kinda wished crowd just let him go towards the end though.

  19. Finally, Cortez gets his revenge on Smack for all those vaults!

  20. Arya stupid? Of course it’s not a Game of Thrones reference

  21. Two grown man hugging mid battle and saying I love you?

  22. Lol brings back memories of randomly clicking not realizing until years later those numbers meant something.

  23. As a stupid kid, it took so long for me to realize that you were suppose to create path for the rats. I’m talking years before I was able to pass the first stage.

  24. Cheapskate. Just turned down playing a game you wanted because you didn’t want to pick up the $5 DLC

  25. Im not creative enough but there’s a clever achievement title here somewhere

  26. Ahh the nostalgia of shopping at Gamestop.

  27. Trump. I got some shit to get off my chest

  28. Lol that’s actually who I had in mind when making this post.

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