1. Every single person who responded on that welfare check should be fucking fired. 😡

  2. APD: the most we can do is paid suspension ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I highly recommend getting the iNaturalist app and adding these pics to it. It's good for tracking where invasives are & would also ID this for you.

  4. Latenight Moonlight, Sundown Syndrome, Half Full Glass of Wine

  5. Bring rear ended by somebody going full speed, not realizing traffic is at a dead stop suddenly on 35 is my number 1 Austin driving fear tbh lol

  6. I noticed that semi trucks will put their hazards on when traffic is going from full speed to a complete stop, which helps warn others around them that may not otherwise notice or be able to see in advance. I started doing this too as a precaution, especially on northbound I-35 around the bend after the Riverside exit where traffic tends to slow down/stop very quickly. I definitely recommend doing this to protect yourself.

  7. Vet for possible UTI or another medical issue, and neuter/spay if you haven't yet

  8. I saw two on Guadelupe and Airport the other day! I used to only see them on the way to Port Aransas.

  9. If you're having 3 near accidents per trip, you are the problem. I drive constantly and its maybe 1 every other week.

  10. Not when it's other people mindlessly creeping out of their lane into your lane because they're on their stupid phones. This is the most common 'near accident' I experience as of late. Driving defensively is a great counter measure, but sometimes you can't avoid idiots thinking they're the only ones on the road.

  11. One time I was at a light and a dude started 'cleaning' my windshield even though I tried to tell him I didn't have any cash. He lifted both of my wipers, then proceeded to 'wash' the window but ended up only spreading around all the dirt and dust as the light turned green. Cars behind me started honking and he got all pissy, flipped me and everyone off, and walked out of the road, but I couldn't move because at that point I could barely see out my window. I had to let the cars pass me (I was in the middle lane on Cameron near St. John's) and pull off to the side so that I could put my wipers down and clear my view. Drove back around and told him that he could have caused an accident by doing that shit. Was very frustrating.

  12. It's a little bit puzzling why you would cross the freeway to go to Fiesta when you could have just walked up Red River St. to the Hancock Center HEB and then you wouldn't have to deal with I-35 at all. The HEB might be 1/4th of a mile farther but you probably would have gotten there sooner.

  13. I can't tell if this is sarcasm. The whole point of the video was to show how dangerous and difficult it can be to cross I35 as a pedestrian. We shouldn't have to use alternate routes or go to a different grocery story altogether when we could have safer sidewalks and crosswalks to begin with.

  14. Adding my vote for QT but also Jiffy Lube will air up your tires for free as well.

  15. licks a pencil and scribbles furiously

  16. Right? Like I know nothing about trees or the KXAN interview but dammit I read every word of this post

  17. I see others coming to this old thread like me so I’ll post what I found:

  18. It only disables the notification for first time story posts. You will continue to get notified when someone adds to their story.

  19. A dead body would hurt my heart less 💔 Definitely a Stranger Things Halloween decoration.

  20. There's a facebook group called Travis County Birds with lots of posts regarding places to go and birds folks have seen lately.

  21. The bigger one looks like a fungus gnat, but the smaller ones look like springtails or another type of benign insect. Thrips move a lot slower than those.

  22. I heard that if alocasias do this, it's an indicator that they're ready for a slightly larger pot.

  23. What were you livid about? That usually means you're 'furiously angry' about something, but it looks like you got some good stuff here.

  24. lmao that makes much more sense. good job on your haul!

  25. That’s what I was fearing, how do they get so large? They just have the space to grow and the stuff to climb on?

  26. This, and more light than they typically receive in peoples' homes.

  27. Damn, I was really wishing I could get a giant pothos for a second lol. When I saw the fenestrations i thought it was some weird pothos, monstera hybrid lol

  28. I have my Hawaiian pothos staked and while they’re not fenestrated, the leaves are pretty big - much bigger than your typical golden pothos from home depot. All pothos get bigger leaves when allowed to climb & given enough light!

  29. There aren't any plants that will survive for long without light. They will hold on for as long as they can, but over time they will inevitably decline. If your space doesn't get great natural light, I recommend getting a grow light. Amazon has GE bulb lights for like $12 or $15 that can go into any old lamp.

  30. Looks like a fungus. It's benign and won't hurt your plant, but if you want it gone you can use some anti-fungal on it.

  31. You can use the soil it's in - just add a ton of perlite and orchid bark to it to give it some aeration. Also it looks like the stems are buried under there - they should definitely be above the soil to prevent rot and allow for them to climb. Lastly, that pot looks too big. I would size down to ensure that the roots are able to absorb water. You can still use this pot as a cover - just replant in a smaller one and stick it inside of this one

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