1. Boy do I have an islander for you. Direct quote from Callum on the most recent season of LI AU: "It's all about looks. All about looks... If the personality's shit, it's shit, but it doesn't matter. You're with a hot bird... You ain't fucking a personality."

  2. He was such a mess, but that is one thing he was honest about from the start

  3. Wasnt one of the love island girls indicted for drug trafficking? Was it Cass?

  4. Are you thinking of Bethany Rogers from UK?

  5. They are back together. She's mentioned it in her videos. As well as saying they just don't want to be public together but that you can find paparazzi pics of them together. Plus he did an episode at her house not tooo long ago

  6. I haven't seen the older seasons but the new ones are reality tv gold

  7. I remember watching that when it came out! Unfortunately I was a child so I don't remember anything that happened in it :/

  8. I hate that picture for playboy.com that's just a woman's croch

  9. I'm more worried about that title!! Is she alright?

  10. You actually bought the "hot chicks room" house?

  11. Welcome back to my Trauma Island rundown where this week you're in for a real doozy!

  12. As someone who stopped playing, I really appreciate this breakdown!!

  13. I just love being properly informed about stuff like this! Oh how target loves to communicate!

  14. For snacks you HAVE to check out Nifty Nuthouse!!

  15. It's a Wichita staple! Lots of candy, gourmet chocolates, and the best sesame sticks I've ever had.

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