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  1. I'm more worried about that title!! Is she alright?

  2. You actually bought the "hot chicks room" house?

  3. Welcome back to my Trauma Island rundown where this week you're in for a real doozy!

  4. As someone who stopped playing, I really appreciate this breakdown!!

  5. I just love being properly informed about stuff like this! Oh how target loves to communicate!

  6. For snacks you HAVE to check out Nifty Nuthouse!!

  7. It's a Wichita staple! Lots of candy, gourmet chocolates, and the best sesame sticks I've ever had.

  8. Cut top left corner of packing with scissors and slide the tag off.

  9. If you do this don't throw it away in your own trashcan.

  10. That's a very stupid post, but I'm totally doing that this year

  11. I always recommend My Love. They have some fun stories (not suspenseful) and really great artwork

  12. Join us on the dark side. There's way less stress!

  13. they wanted to make kat the villain but we actually like kat so they switched it to arlo

  14. I hope that's the case. At least it would mean they're paying attention

  15. Not to be rude at all, but can I ask why you continue to play?

  16. It’s kinda like hate watching lol ik I do it

  17. I get it! It's definitely good for getting mad at something lol

  18. There's no way to get anyone else to pick you because those options don't exist. Everyone is going through the same 2 routes. No choice will make a difference. It's very sad

  19. If it was the real show the host would have told them off. They need tension, not little boys making stupid jokes.

  20. If this season was real, there is no way they wouldn't have been taken off air yet

  21. I uninstalled because of that "dicksand" conversation with Dana

  22. Me! I'm following each episode by watching Holly's YouTube videos about them. I'm excited for them to start the show on the podcast

  23. Being a kid in the 80's, I remember seeing guys touching ladies' backs when they'd walk past them in close quarters, like hallways. I never thought it was right. Most of the time it was not even possible to rationalize the touch, except to touch for the sake of doing so.

  24. I wish I could tell you that doesn't happen anymore. Some men will always feel entitled to touch women's bodies.

  25. Season 3 writing was actually terrible though. But I agree with the boycott

  26. I think it's easy to forget that when the last 2 seasons are awful. But I remember being angry st season 3s dialogue a lot. Like choices matter more there but they still don't really pan out. For instance, the date stuff with Tai never leads to any real drama and doesn't even get out in the villa

  27. It doesn't have any similar stories to love island, but My Love is a really great app that is very underrated. I highly recommend festival summer! They always have multiple love interests and the art is wonderful!

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