1. I totally agree. On Twitter I saw two separate posts made by star wars with Lizzo and Jack Black’s characters respectively. Jack Black’s post had mostly positive comments or constructive criticism on the episode whereas Lizzo’s post was filled with hate towards Lizzo herself. It’s especially disheartening after we just saw Ahmed Best come back from the same type of shit.

  2. From what I can tell probably about $40-50. Two battlepass, Locus Armor and the bundle for the effect. But who cares it's their money or Microsoft points

  3. Oh come on you didn’t have to tell me the exact amount I spent 😭

  4. So…does that count as “bathing in the mines of mandalore” or does he need to re-run that?

  5. Technically she's the rightful owner now, right?

  6. We were so close to a ‘mando gang vs bionicle cyclops, wielder of the darksaber and ruler of mandalore’ arc.

  7. I think the head and chest are the same as him but the rest may be different. I haven’t seen a full armor render of him in a while

  8. I thought for sure one of the boss fights would be against a Spartan who either joined willingly or was tortured enough that he just wanted to fight the chief to make it stop

  9. That would be sick! I’d love to see UNSC weapons that were augmenter with banished tech

  10. I’m really hoping we get this design as an armor effect in some capacity

  11. Clay and silicone mold works for full body sized costumes in blockbuster movies. I cant help with how, but its certainly possible and a good technique.

  12. Yessssss! If you have the time and are willing, please post updates. I’d love to follow this project

  13. I absolutely will! Thanks so much for your interest in it! This is my first time working with a lot of these materials so bare with me, but I’m excited to post updates! 😁

  14. This is the best thing I've seen on this sub.

  15. Love the textures. Looks like it came straight out of the show.

  16. This sounds like a simple and easy to fix solution if I don’t like the turnout! Thank you!

  17. Thank you for the heads up! I’m familiar with washes since I pint minis, but didn’t know it was still an option for something as large as a helmet. I’ll take a look! Thank you!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous. As they usually say about acid etched lightsabers…looks like a relic in-universe.

  19. They really went above and beyond with it, which I hear sabertrio often does. Very happy with it, and can’t recommend sabertrio enough to anyone on the fence!

  20. I actually regret not getting the stand for my acid etched one lol

  21. It was a last minute purchase but was totally worth it! It’s very sturdy!

  22. Personally I'd like to do an Arthurian Legends themed team.

  23. I have a Galarian slowking named Merlin! I think the name suites that Pokémon well!

  24. Roughly 6 players, and uses a pair of haunted d6? My first thought is that whenever he casts a spell, the numbers 1-6 appear over your PCs' heads. Then, you roll 2d6. The BBEG will then cast a modified version of Twinned Spell that still works if the original spell could target multiple characters (so you could Twin Magic Missile), with the stipulation that both of those spells must target one of the two numbers rolled.

  25. I LOVE the idea of assigning each player a number secretly and having the dice determine who the spell targets! I’ll be using that idea for sure. Thank you for the breakdown!

  26. Pirates? Last fight is on the ship. Gamble? Let the ship spin like a roulette and captain casts random magic effects based on where ship nose points (south - fire, north - freeze, west - gun, east - sakura). Voodoo and haunted d6? Roll them and... uhm... CAPTAIN DANCES! One dice for steps(5 feet per each point 1-6), another for turns(90 degree turn after each 5 feet). Why? Well, dices are cursed with voodoo and force captain to perform that strange wiggly dance. What if he falls from the ship? He appears on the other side. Voodoo wont let him leave his ship that easy

  27. This made me laugh! Thank you so much for the idea! I’ll definitely be considering having the final battle on the ship. I didn’t even think of that! Thanks!

  28. Will do! I imagine I should just keep the cheek hairs growing out without any trimming at all? Even if it looks a little wild?

  29. My beard journey was a little weird. My cheeks grew out way faster than my chin and mustache. Ended up doing trims periodically on my overgrowth spots while waiting for for my thinner areas to fill in.

  30. Noted. I appreciate the advice. Hopefully I can make a successful update in the coming months!

  31. I'm still waiting for Pink Dragon Sindel and Cassie for obvious reasons

  32. Meteor tower, right? Sometimes this skin shows up in the store too

  33. Yessir! That’s good to know that KL skins can be found in the shop too. I’ll definitely need to start checking there.

  34. Throughout our campaign, Gus has used all kinds of weapons like the curved fish hook daggers, swords and standard daggers. Do anything really goes if anyone decided to give it a shot!

  35. "Bugbears are known for their fierce, bloodthirsty and often reckless behavior; all of which are present in Gus Garou. However, Gus prefers to keep his carnage to himself under the shadows of moss and foliage that make up the dense swamp he lives in. Gus is a rogue and one that is particularly adept at the art of assasination, which he learned from observing the apex predators of the swamp, alligators. His methods for dispatching foes are as cold as they are cunning, with his victims seldom knowing of Gus’s presence until he has already plunged one or two of his enormous rusted curved daggers in their neck.

  36. Uber jealous of that, mate! I didn't even know they had made a new statue of him. Always love hearing about/seeing new Darth Bane stuff

  37. It’s actually a limited piece from Star Wars Celebrations 2012! I absolutely love this statue but the price i had to pay was steep to say the least. Thank you!

  38. I was also a bit bothered by his canon appearance, but the more I think about it, they could definitely still use his EU appearance in future content and Incorporate the samurai armor as traditional armor that he was just buried with. Not to mention this form of bane is nearly skeletal if you look at his hands, which means a living Bane could still be the jacked monster of a man that he is in the novels.

  39. Quinlan Vos. Maybe he could teach me a few dark side tricks if it’s post Dark Disciple 🤔

  40. Interesting, I was just wondering because I had ordered one from the last restock last week

  41. Yeah it may be another week or two. Honestly the designing process has taken around a month with the back and forth. But I’ve also been pretty picky.

  42. I hear you. I’ve been super eager through this entire process. But it’s been fun. What theme are you going for on your saber?

  43. Darth Bane. He’s a monster of a man covered in barnacle armor. What’s not to like?!

  44. Even though this is all headcanon, I really like your logic for all of these colors, especially the ones that resisted the bleed process. Very creative. Sometimes I wish Disney would implement lore like this in lightsabers. They did great with red being bled crystals, but what about all the Jedi colors?

  45. I have yet to receive my sabertrio saber yet, but after ordering a custom acid etched saber, it’s clear to me that the team at sabertrio knows exactly what they are doing and care about their customers. Not only have they been giving me consistent updates on my saber, but they’ve been very lenient on my back and forth suggestions with what I want. I vote Sabertrio.

  46. Excellent post! After hearing about the knights of ren in force awakens, I was so excited to get more of them in last Jedi. Needless to say I remained disappointed until they were fleshed out more in the comic series like you said. I believe in the more recent visual dictionary it mentioned them using the force in a “blunted” way, which I think further pushes your descriptor of marauders. I like to think the knights use the dark side like a club, still effective, but less refined and versatile than that of a blade, which I feel is the way the sith harness the dark side. Very fun read. Thanks!

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