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  1. My therapist tells me that my husband says those things to get a reaction and to hurt me, which seems fairly obvious. The question for me is, am I supposed to believe his apology later when he decides he's calm again? Last time he told me I was "pretty fucking stupid most of the time" and that has really stuck with me and effected my bottom-level stem esteem, I find myself repeating that line ad nauseum as a way to remind myself of why I deserve it.

  2. My husband only acknowledges my BPD when he can use it against me and hurt me. You know, the usual "you're crazy" and "you're pretty fucking stupid most of the time" along with a few "you're just like your mothers" for good measure.

  3. I was 27 weeks pregnant and had a gut feeling, checked his phone and he had been cheating for at least a year. I'm stupid and took him back and am just waiting for when he does it again, maybe then I can be strong enough.

  4. To make sure I'm understanding, this is an age gap relationship with a cop in which he is mentally and emotionally abusing you. You do know those statistics about cops and abuse, right? Those statistics come from somewhere and they're wildly under reported. Run. Please make a plan to leave, you deserve more than this.

  5. That they have way more confidence than I will ever have and I hope they all make the most money possible.

  6. My bestie was fighting breast cancer in her early 20's and her family would have preferred she die than do anything that crosses from another's body such as blood transfusions. Thank the universe she survived.

  7. I saw the aftermath of the Seattle Duck Accident, and all I can say is that getting into trauma therapy was the single most helpful thing.

  8. I'm lucky to get laid twice a month; July was a good month this year and I got fucked a whole 4 times (I track, judge me if you want).

  9. I'm only here because I'm scared to mess up and lose my kids, which is funny because I so adamantly believe they will be better off without me. I don't know if my life expectancy will make it to my 36th birthday at the end of the year, I don't have the will power anymore to keep fighting.

  10. YTA. I had a stepson, and I absolutely would have added his name to my body if that had ever come up. Even now that I've been divorced from his dad for nearly 8 years, guess what? I still consider him one of my kids, period.

  11. I'm in a mood, so... FUCK YOU YOU LAZY PRICK. Try caring more about your kid than your fucking phone, you sad excuse for a parent. Go to the fucking store, get a thermometer and the ibuprofen, and take them to your wife, for fucks sake. Good job doing the bare minimum dude.

  12. Lithium helps reduce my suicidality every day, I love it and I'm grateful to have it.

  13. I have one I tattooed myself as a weird form of self harm harm reduction, it's an ambigram that says "I'm fine" one way, and "save me" the other.

  14. Always. Even with losing 35lbs and working hard on on myself, I look at myself in the mirror and cry from how fucking ugly I am. No matter what I do I'm fucking ugly and worthless.

  15. This sounds like the nightmare of a person above me; at times I find myself braced for them to fall from the sky. "Luxury" my ass.

  16. Is she 5? Because that would explain why she talks like a petulant child and has the critical thinking of a crayon. Ffs.

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