1. Cualquier decisión genera presión inflacionaria, no podes escapar de la inflación capo

  2. Yo quiero ir a Venezuela pero me da miedo por maduro y sus sequases xd

  3. I know, it was sarcasm. I wasn't actually trying to talk to the person who made the video lol 💀💀💀

  4. I need a specific mouses Im not really sure what superlight is lol

  5. Its 135$ tho lol I need maximum 90$, I was thinking about G pro but the wired one, seems like a pretty thin shell and pretty light weight, what do you think ? It got the flat design I talked about as well.

  6. I don't know anything about the g pro wired, but I have been using the g305 and I'm going to change it for a g502 X plus

  7. Yo me postulo,solo de q soy de uwuwhy y onda, q tenes para ofrecer vos?

  8. Jaja que? Compre a mitad de año y estaban 250.. 100 por ciento aumentaron en 6 Meses??

  9. Sorry I'm Spanish native talker, English is my second language, thx for the correction!

  10. The word homophobic comes from homosexual which is the relationship between two men, homo in Latin means men, so it is just offensive not homophobic, I am really trying to say to this generation that being offensive towards lesbians, queers, and to the different genders is not homophobic, because as I said from the beginning, the word homophobic comes from homosexual

  11. Soy gay, y esto me es repulsivo, me arruino la noche pensar en que hay gente así en la comunidad lgbt, la cual nos deja mal parada, y yo para después salir a conocer gente, no sé piensen q yo soy así como los demás, se entiende?

  12. Sisi vamos a reírnos de las desgracias de otros cuando se nos abren sentimentalmente- la gorda tronchatoro que no se levanta ni a su primo

  13. I plugged it, what I think that maybe it's the problem that the cable has broken

  14. I already tried that with the gaming and G hub software, it doesn't work either, do u guys answer via DMs?

  15. Interesting fact, the big guy in this video died some yrs ago

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