1. We need a direct phone call to Trump since I’m genuinely curious as to how he caught it and doesn’t have long COVID. LOL.

  2. Early treatment with viral load reduction is very critical as to whether or not you have long covid.

  3. I guess there are no 100% provable treatment. Just base on your luck.

  4. Just gotta find the niche forums, and start using alternative search engine, Presearch, Brave, Yandex.

  5. Lol not easy to comprehend at first viewing, I’ve been after a lot of peer reviewed research videos since the start of the pandemic. No worries, didn’t mean to confuse you like that.

  6. What do you mean “we don’t use that much (or at all) here.” Reddit is not a place for scientifically sound opinions, maybe you should go to the BMJ or AMJ wherever you guys go to do you discussion, I didn’t specifically state anything out of my ass, I’m simply referencing a opinion from a doctor going over a study. BTW, here’s another video done recently from DrBeen, citing that BA4 has the strongest neutralizing antibodies out of all the previous variant, which reinforces the point that healthy individual who have caught the latest variant, should reconsider whether or not they even need a vaccine shot after having the infection.

  7. C19early.com and FLCCC protocols, give them a try.

  8. Pantera - Walk (RVD) Natural Born Killer - Ice Cube (New Jack)

  9. What are the risks of not doing human trials?

  10. Page 30 of this document release from Pfizer of all the documented adverse events with human trials fyi.

  11. DrBeen does a video of vax vs unvaxxed research done in Qatar for immunity, worth checking out.

  12. So...genuine question from a guy who just honestly wants to know: Should I be getting a booster shot every 6-8 months or something? Is there any scientific data on any new-occurrence of side effects due to a fourth or fifth dose of an mRNA vaccine -- not trying to start a fight here, genuinely trying to get educated.

  13. DrBeen breaks down the research of unvaxxed vs vaxxed and waning immunity in Qatar, you make your own judgement, I’m just a messenger.

  14. Proning, and don’t let anxiety overwhelm you, it can affect your immune system.

  15. C19early.com has published clinical studies of different remedies, and FLCCC protocol is also a good one to look into.

  16. Never vaxxed, never caught covid. Although I’m prepared with prophylaxis and been building up my immune system since the start of the outbreak. If I catch it, I’ll have to go into quarantine and isolate to prevent the spread, so I won’t be able to pass the virus around. It’s the same as what everyone else will have to do. Remember 40% of the world are still unvaccinated, they don’t have access yet to even one dose, and the virus continues to evolve ahead of our vaccine.

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  20. DrBeen has done a video regarding immune exhaustion from taking too many vaccine in very short time period, could have something to do with Omicron giving severe outcome or leading into ppl having reinfection more often.

  21. Sriracha and ketchup, and then it’s perfect for me.

  22. There’s a round discussion video I found that had a panel of doctors all independently trying to figure out this long covid thing, I haven’t finished it but maybe give it a watch. The two things that stood out to me is if you’re hospitalize, you have a higher chance of LC along with if you have high viral loads existing in your body. Have a healthy gut biome.

  23. Thank you. You reminded me that I need to take my weekly probiotics! My sister actually has pretty bad LH and she wasn’t even hospitalized. It’s so crazy

  24. Could anyone post the article? It's behind a paywall.

  25. Use this site, I have the unlocked link below also.

  26. I had this happened to me using my foot also to prevent making a big thud to the floor and cracking it, but instead of a phone it was a 24kg kettlebell….

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