1. nawwww imo Portwell is Creddie- both bland as hell 😭

  2. exactly.. they’ve been planned since s1 and it’s just been slow burn to ENDGAME! so many people misinterpret the show on purpose just because they don’t like rina it’s sick fr

  3. I mean, being honest, Gina is not even cracking the top 5 for my favorite characters in the show, probably not even top 10, but I don't dislike her, and even if I did, that's the writers' fault, and has absolutely nothing to do with Sofia. She has no control over the scripts they hand her, so while I don't find Gina all that compelling, that's entirely not her fault.

  4. people definitely are attacking her in a racially motivated way… comments about her hairstyles and overall comments about her race

  5. portwells who have turned on gina just because they didn’t get their endgame is the most aggravating thing ever. gina doesnt belong to ej, in fact, she was never gonna work with ej. the life gap is just too big. even if ej took the gap year successfully, ej couldn’t possibly spend enough time with gina, shes a theatre kid high schooler with family life. it wouldn’t have worked. meanwhile ricky is in the same point of life as her, they were meant to be. they would’ve been together since season 1 if gina didn’t move away for 2 episodes. anyways rant over rina endgame we won!!!!

  6. EXACTLYYYY they’re treating her character so terrible and misinterpreting the show on purpose it’s really aggravating… no matter what tim is saying they refuse to listen

  7. EXACTLY! ej/portwell stans want to baby him so badly when gina did what was best for her… it’s becoming really clear how they never cared about her. gina will always be loved by me🫶🏽

  8. i agree so much, i saw a lot of people were angry that their ship wasn’t endgame and took it out on gina in the WORST way possible and wishing the most terrible things on her character. it’s really gross how far people take things when something doesn’t go their way

  9. rina just dosen’t have chemistry to me. i feel akward and 2nd hand embarrassment when they’re together. they’re awkwardness reminds me of cameron and belly

  10. their chemistry is the reason they’re together?😭 lord have mercy

  11. Maybe if some people read Tim'a interviews today, ypu will see he has planned Ricky x Gina coupling since that homecoming episode. There his Pacey x Joey.

  12. RIGHT??? everyone is not listening to what tim has been saying😭😭

  13. Rini is way more popular amongst the public than Rina, and also the Rini confession was wayyyyyyyy better executed. The Rina stuff got shoehorned in a month later.

  14. ain’t nobody jealous of olivia😭 rina is one of the main reasons people decided to tune in including myself you tried it though LMFAOOO

  15. Your arrogant comment just shows exactly what I said is true. Rina's have been jealous of Nini/Olivia since 2019. Most of them don't even care if the show is any good as long as their ship is cannon. Clowns.

  16. how am i arrogant?! i love olivia not a single person is jealous of her… the reviews for this season speak for themselves! 🤭

  17. This season? Yes. Either way, Ricky has hardly been her yes in the show at all either.

  18. he has… from the very beginning…. portwell was a very obvious plot device

  19. tim has literally said the rina kiss was planned since season 1 so how was portwell NOT plot device LMFAOOOOO

  20. you do realize in that rina sneak peek they’re watching kourtney perform.. nobody is sad 😭😭😭 you thought you ate that fr

  21. go back to telling people that their families won’t love them on twitter. this is a positive place.

  22. nah im good here actually 😂😂😂😂

  23. this is very much fake the person on that account said one of the admins tweeted it and deleted

  24. scream 3 is so much better than scream 2 cmon

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