1. proper nice but wesk is probs too similar to a famous writer Resk

  2. I remember hearing that before must have been someone talking bollocks

  3. Not a bad foundation to improve from, one problem is your shading at the bottom isn't even, but the shading on the left next to the j is perfect, notice how on the left the shade follows the curve of your j. Do the same with the other letters at the bottom.

  4. cheers man would you mind if I sent you any more progress for crits?

  5. Honestly brother just post ur stuff on this forum you’ll get some crits off people and you’ll slowly get better if you stay consistent

  6. The letters are coo so that's sum to be proud of. Ur prob here is that the dark blue fill is not a good contrast with the dark grey/light black that u outlined with.

  7. thanks so much for the lovely comment and the help!

  8. The main thing you want to think about is this. The closer you are to the wall the thinner the line will be. the further you are the more hazy the line will be.

  9. dont graffiti your school illegally its an easy way to get caught also dont use your main tagging name if you plan on doing this illegally because it could be tracked down to you

  10. i had this for every game a while ago you just gotta import the seed sometime externally pm me if you need more help

  11. using AI art for a sticker will be contriversial as the whole idea is its you own 'logo' or desgin you stick up

  12. I understand, I’m not really planning on sticking the “demon toilet” up anywhere, just thought it was funny. The Maglev train is just an idea similar to the subway stickers. Really just a background for the throwie.

  13. fair enough I thought the demon toilet was cool but I dont think my current throw is good enough to give you any advice on yours sorry

  14. Ill bring back descriptions next time I just needed to get this one out as quick as possible now my wifi is back!

  15. Yo dawg. You good? I was considering just trying to continue this myself for the next day because this series has helped me find SOOO much new music but I don’t want to step on your toes at all

  16. also give herbie hancock headhunters listen its a great album

  17. yh man I've been a bit all over the place these last few days so I've kept forgetting id be more than happy for you to continue it!

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