1. Yes. Not a question about it on my part either. 2.5 year old deer.

  2. Same. If a person ever wonders why you don’t have big deer in your area, you might live next to all these trigger happy folks in the thread lol

  3. Yessir. I don’t mind though. To each their own. Not my style of hunting or management but I don’t shame people for hunting differently.

  4. Wow, you’re probably so pumped. I’ve only seen one buck on the cams I have on my parents land and it’s a basket 6. Still excited to get in the woods though!

  5. Always good to get prepped up and get into season. It’s exciting for sure. Hopefully you have more to come.

  6. I recently bought my 1st rifle.A Browning X-Bolt Speed Suppressor Ready Bolt Action Rifle - .308 Winchester. I’ll be hunting Deer.

  7. I would do 3-9 for deer if you’re hunting them closer but 4-12 might be better if you’re thinking majority of your shots will be far away.

  8. Depends what you’re wanting to use it for. What caliber of weapon. What distance you intend to shoot. Lots of factors but vortex are good scopes.

  9. Depends, is there an older doe around? I would harvest the doe if I'm actually harvesting for meat.

  10. That’s what I do. Don’t call them freezer queens without reason.

  11. I would love to have one of these. Most any of the new big box blinds are amazing quality.

  12. It is a tick. It also “could” transmit lymes disease but not all do. Most do not.

  13. I need one like this in real life. 🤣 without having to pay $100k

  14. About to be a dead one if it didn’t make it back to water soon after this

  15. I agree. It highly depends on your area. The terrain features and your skill level. Definitely not something I would recommend to a beginner. But if you’re determined, you can try your hand and learn as you go.

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