1. Will Smith don’t have to curse on his raps to sell records!

  2. It’s for you cat to play with, as she does her claws are thusly trimmed

  3. and I quote “Gluh, get outta here boy, guh guf gluf, ohhh”

  4. I thought this was a reference to the Hiphopapotamus - whose lyrics are bottomless.

  5. Did you honestly expect the actual answer. I think even Conan himself would’ve trolled you here, sweetheart

  6. ELI5: Hasn’t everyone in politics made children that have had problems at some point, do we now discredit everything that is a bad choice. The trump running for president speech where he mocks Joe for misspeaking is the pinnacle of republican politics today, nothing worthy of politics is ever discussed by these buffoons anymore

  7. A couple random ideas. You may already have tried them, but I thought it might be worth sharing in case not.

  8. Look up local food banks too. They were a blessing when I was at the lowest

  9. My 7 year old told me a joke yesterday …..Elon Musk is so dumb, he bought Twitter for 44 billion but he could’ve got it on the App Store for free

  10. That cop had no choice other than shooting him…. getting done and on to the next one is very important in the fast paced world of policing

  11. Does MTG know what a civil war is? Maybe she’s heard the words but I don’t see her understanding it. She’s like most of her party …learned enough to pass high school (or not) then claim they are street smart beyond actual academic learning

  12. Anyone wearing a bow tie on TV should disclose they are a clown before their rant begins

  13. Is Taylor Greene her FB name so old friends can find her or is Taylor her middle name ?

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