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I don't know what to do with my hands!

  1. I cant rlly understand whats writen, is that under 10.5?

  2. Yep sorry, I should've made the cell bigger I guess

  3. Thank you for good call brother πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. EDIT: No breaks for us this time. If I told you Kia would score three runs and SSG would have just 2 singles, you'd feel pretty good, right? Instead, we lost 4-3.

  5. I read everything, but im not too sure on what Im supposed to bet here

  6. Depends on your book. The bet is Kia leading after 5 innings, but it may look different on another book.

  7. Dude... over 108 is 109 and over 108.5 is 109 so... its the same thing 108.5 is just riskyer bcuz if its 108 on the dot theres no refund also adding onto that, the celtics have gon over 108 the whole playofs so this is dooable

  8. BOL already has it 108. Do you like it at 108?

  9. Imo its jst 2 pts and in this series theyve been rlly high scoring, the lowest boston has ever scored in the playoffs is 112 so i think ur chilling

  10. EDIT: That's another wake and cash thanks to a Doosan solo home run in the bottom of the 5th to break a scoreless tie.

  11. I dont have that but, do you think its alight if i go -1.5 doosan for the whole game?

  12. Edit: Hats off to SRH, mostly Harry Brook with the first IPL century.

  13. I dont know how cricket works but im tailing!!! BOL!

  14. If you have Mikal Bridges unders take them!! He’s only starting the game to maintain his Ironman streak of never missing a game!!!

  15. This question was already asked and answered in this super long 4 comment thread.

  16. So what's good about her. I wanna try her but I'm new to the game

  17. Just try her, theres no harm in learning someone new

  18. Get the exige it comes with a supercharger and can be tuned for fast acceleration

  19. Thenk yu im glad i waited for a response b4 buying some car

  20. ATTENTION: you need to use traction control for the exige, I play since 2020 and i can't drive it in corners, so over. But it's really fast and powerful

  21. Honestly i plan on buying every vip chest for da books and for mina statues. Another question tho, who do i use as the main commander, currently my mina is higher level and im super close to having cc at 3 stars. Should i invest my exp books in cc and make him my main commander, or invest them in mina and have him at 4 stars.

  22. Mina is a better primary as a result of skill tree. Cao cao is usually a secondary commander.

  23. Sounds great, lets just hope i get more cc statues. Its almost impossible to get them idk how i rolled him. Thanks a lot for your help!

  24. Why my guy keep side stepping but the imputs say im only pressing once

  25. I remember trying to send in my joke para nasa joke page ako πŸ˜‚

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