1. To anyone who disconnects during this event, I hope you'll be blessed with infinte 4* dupes.

  2. Really dig these designs! Hopefully we’ll see more Riders using drivers from other series.

  3. Wait, so its just a 1 box with 1 body overall? Or is it one challenge for every nikke past 141lv?

  4. Idk why some people downvoted you. I think it'd be nice if we get 1 for every Nikkes past level 141, but this is Tencent we're talking about, so I won't be shocked if we only got 1.

  5. Wow, it seems that Toei started using video codec itu-r bt.709 for their releases starting TODAY. So if you have Intel graphics on your pc/lappy and you've noticed that today's episodes of KR and Sentai look like 3gp video from 2005 Nokia phone, then you should probably know that Intel can't handle this codec and turns videos into garbage.

  6. Any news on SEA server? Also, is it true that it won't have other language than Chinese? I sure hope not, since not all SEA countries Chinese.

  7. What about paid? I'm a monthly pass buyer, but I still have lots of RC lying around. If possible, I want to SSS her within her event, but I'm willing to wait/buy the S rank selector

  8. You get 17-20 shards per patch from both battle passes, so it's copy + 50 shards and you need 70 and it's 3,5-4 patches to SSS or you use skulls and you need 40 and it's 2-2,5 patches

  9. Nice! By "both battle passes", you mean tier 1 and 2, right?

  10. No. In fact, I think they'll go the opposite way in the future: Back to 40-50-episode series!

  11. looks like he'll bleed thru his butt hole lol

  12. Simply sticking a tape on that joint is a highly underrated method.

  13. Wow, this seems safer than nail polish! I'll try this one too, and see which works better for me. Scotch tape should work too, right?

  14. Absolutely. I use scotch tape.

  15. Now I feel stupid for overthinking about this problem when the solutiom is so simple lol. Thank you for the replies!

  16. I just imagine die-hard fans doing this anyway when someone says "Hey, Masked Rider, i remember that".

  17. That one's okay in my book, since all KRs before W were marketed as Masked Rider instead of Kamen Rider.

  18. Nah, it could be worse. I've seen some people calling freakin' Ultraman Power Rangers.

  19. 12+ is a pretty standard rating for mobile gacha games. Azur Lane, Action Taimanin, Arknights, CounterSide, etc. are also 12+. Hell, even Blue Archive was listed as 12+ at their launch before they were forced by the Korean government to change their rating.

  20. Age ratings are different per platform and per region.

  21. Okay, now I'm curious. What country is you in, for 12+ rating in Azur Lane, and for what reason? It's "nudity", "users interact" and "digital purchases" here.

  22. I like the design a lot, though it is neither motherly, nor spherical!

  23. Like the Kekera rants about Keiwa about stuff like his entrance to him and the boost-giver has a chance to make him my favorite. Also the helheim city-like structures kind of reminds me of modern(?) structures like Im kind of thinking if those buildings are a result to a gameover where the Jyamar area got transported there.

  24. Didn't Ace tell everyone he's been competing since 0 AD?

  25. Yeah, but we don't really know if he’s tricking others (and us) or not. He’s a fox, remember?

  26. If I change the memory resonance that was already hypertuned, do I have to hypertune again?

  27. Is there any efficient way to change/convert rupee into mana?

  28. "today we're gonna give 1.000 free rider kick for some random kaijus"

  29. "and deserved the right to own this giga battle nizer"

  30. "But what they don't know is that I put some Spacium into the Rider Kicks"

  31. Mann tycoon didnt deserve this... but again i dont think these riders care anyways(idk about naago but again keiwa just voted by 3 people so the last could be her or ace)

  32. I wouldn't be surprised if the 3rd vote was Naago instead of Geats. Idk why, but I feel like Ace is the only one to believe in Keiwa, despite what he might say.

  33. Doesn't Exaid share a universe with Ghost so souls kinda exist?

  34. No? Each Heisei and Reiwa Rider series is in their own universe, unless Toei wants crossover to happen. Heck, this is the main plot point in Zi-O: Over Quartzer.

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