1. They overplayed their hand with this emotion, in my opinion. One or two striking moments of Guts being overwhelmed would have been powerful. How about 13 though?

  2. Fantastic breakdown! Do you know how long it’s running for? I’ll be going to Japan for the first time in April so I’m hoping it’s still up by then.

  3. Unfortunately the Sapporo edition will end on Feb 12 =(

  4. Branded people can still use Behelit

  5. There's no precedent for it. I know you're talking about Slan urging Guts to do it, but that's still hypothetical. Also, it's quite a different thing from a branded person becoming a God Hand member, as is the proposal here—from doomed to eternal damnation to leader of the evil dudes. That'd be a crazy reversal of how we understand causality to work.

  6. It’s my art, and GALVCTIC is my brand

  7. Got it. That definitely wasn't clear. I'd advise that you repost this with a follow-up comment saying that it's yours and what it is. It should also have a Fan Art flair.

  8. Sure, but her name is officially spelled Molda in the character introduction portion of Volume 41.

  9. Right, but not the Japanese one (the official one). DH changed it to Morda to be consistent with their previous guess.

  10. We don't know. Since the continuation started (with 365) there have been dates at the end, indicating the next release. But nothing was shown this time. Welcome to Berserk.

  11. All this shows is how one of the artists on the 2012 movies thought it might look. It's not an authoritative thing.

  12. Not confirmed, but no way that killed him. It just stopped him from chasing.

  13. Molda doesn't actually say "go berserk" in this page. The translator just took a liberty to make it go that way. When Miura had previously used the term, he spelled it out in katakana.

  14. To clarify -- it's not available in North America.

  15. We have a megathread pinned to the top of this sub with all info you need:

  16. Geez this sub used to be good now the mods have gone abit power mad let us have our sub back and let us post pictures

  17. Memes were never allowed. We're proposing they be allowed for a day. What's the problem with that?

  18. I think instead of Meme Mondays we should do Meme Weekends (Fri-Sun or Sat-Sun). More days = more memes while also not making them common enough to dilute the sub and its purpose. What do you all think?

  19. I think weekends are dodgy because new episodes officially land on Fridays (and often leak out on wed-thurs) so conversation about them spills over into weekends often. But Mondays-Tuesdays are very light content-wise.

  20. Fourth-wall breaking joke. Isidro rescued Casca about 20 years (our time) before this scene.

  21. It's meant to convey to readers that it's not just a simple stone. There's something sinister/supernatural about it.

  22. It's historically been a sore subject for fans because Miura was very irregular with releases.

  23. The episode numbers are only published when it's serialized in magazines. They're removed from the volumes.

  24. BC Donovan rape "jokes" wouldn't fly here and that's a good portion of the content on the other sub.

  25. People are allowed to make jokes. That's not against our rules. I'm not going to police people's senses of humor. Don't like it? You can downvote it.

  26. The apostle is recognizing that the thing covering the door, a lattice, is making his body numb. It’s an enchantment probably.

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