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  1. I feel like it's also people making poor choices OF dogs when what they want is companionship - puppies are snuggly and cute, they are also a mountain of responsibility and frequently incredibly annoying. If ALL you want is companionship, get a sweet low key older dog.

  2. After my very senior dogs passed away recently I wanted a puppy so bad. I ended up being asked to take in a 7 months old puppy and then recently adopted a not quite 2 year old from a reduced. I’m so glad I didn’t get a puppy, especially with the 7 month old, the hard stuff was done and we got to just do the fun stuff.

  3. Just be careful if you buy online. There’s a lot of scammers. Stubhub has some tickets for $80 which is about the cheapest I’ve seen them.

  4. Yeah that’s insane. I’m hoping to get lucky. I’ve already gotten at least 7 or 8 spam messages.

  5. Yeah I was annoyed about buying them on stubhub but better than getting scammed.

  6. I’ll add another recommendation for Pro Plan. It’s what my vet recommended. It’s about $50 for a 30lbs bag. I also really like the fact is usually pretty easy to find which isn’t always a given these days with the supply chain issues.

  7. The dog food Purina pro plan sensitive stomach Salmon is a HUGE hit in my house... So much so that the cat has fully abandoned the feline version and will only eat the dog version directly from the container we store it in... Typical haha.

  8. My cat does that too! I keep telling himself he better not give himself kidney failure.

  9. Take a deep breath. Seizures aren’t uncommon in Bostons. My first girl had them starting around age two and they lasted a few years and then she l never had another one and lived to be nearly 15. First step vet.

  10. I’m so sorry. I hope you find comfort in your memories. 💜

  11. I always have to leave mine out where I can see it which is usually on the bathroom sink but I tend to randomly set it down on the kitchen counter or living room side table. A few weeks ago I walked outside to see my deodorant sitting on our heating and cooling unit, which for reference is down a small set of steps next to our deck in our yard. I actually just shrugged and thought “hmm wonder why I brought that out here.” I picked it up and realized it had teeth marks so it turns out it had fallen off of where ever I set it inside and my dog likes to take everything outside. My husband must have found it in the yard and set it there but I seriously just assumed I had done it.

  12. One time I lost my debit card. Got a new one and went through the process of changing it over. I found my debit card like 6 months later…in my wallet.

  13. In your wallet omg. I did something similar with the heart rate band I use for Orange Theory (my gym) - and replacements are super expensive. On the bright side now I have two! expiring gym membership. Welp. lol

  14. I’ve since switched to a much smaller wallet and developed a lot of other coping mechanisms that help. However I’ll admit I had no idea where my keys were from Saturday until last night.

  15. My first ruled is to be comfortable and then be cute. I like dressing up a bit for shows but an outdoor show in July is probably not the one to do it at. A favorite band shirt, shorts, and comfortable shoes would be my choice and probably what I’ll wear when I see them a couple of days before. Put on some sunscreen before you go and have fun!

  16. 😔 The irony for me is that I was actually adopted - just by a pair of narcissists.

  17. I feel like the adoptive parents circle massively overlaps with narcissists on the Venn diagram. -Also an adoptee with narcissistic adoptive parents.

  18. My company is covering 10k in travel expenses. They were one of the first to announce it a couple of months ago. It will have an impact if enough of corporate America does it but only if they also stop donating to these republicans hacks.

  19. I love you Blue! Is he a full Boston? My boy is a 50/50 frenchton and looks very similar. He’s blue with floppy ears.

  20. People may think she’s a service dog but as the above person said as long as she’s not wearing a service dog patch and you’re not trying to pass her off as one for access it’s fine.

  21. I’ve used Oracal 651 in the dishwasher on stainless and it’s stayed on. I would let it sit on the item for at least a few weeks before washing it. I wouldn’t put it in the dishwasher if it has particular sentimental mean or if you’ll be devastated if it gets messed up. Heat could loosen the adhesive over time, especially on finer details.

  22. I know on nextdoor people won't shut up about how effective the mosquito spraying company they hired was. It kills flies too!

  23. They came by my house a few weeks ago and said like 50 of my neighbors had signed up and pointed to a spiderweb and acted like it was horrible. I honestly wasn’t even thinking about my pollinator garden when I told him to leave but if they come back I’ll probably give them an earful. My neighbor isn’t the type where a ton of people would be signing up for this shit so hopefully his number was made up.

  24. My desk at home is definitely messier. I have hella ADHD but at work I kept my desk just so and tidied it up before leaving so I could stay focused. I actually resisted coming home for a long time because I knew I wouldn’t do the same at home and would have a harder time focusing. I eventually adapted and I do fine. I still try to keep my main space somewhat neat but my office is often chaotic.

  25. We were told by the rescue that it was injured by a litter mate when she was a small puppy and possible not well attended to. When she was picked up by the rescue their vet wasn’t able to save it.

  26. I have always liked training a dog around one that's already trained. I feel like it helps the one learning because he sees the other do it. Ziggy deserves those treats for demonstrating how it's done. Lol

  27. I don’t know if we’ll do as much with her as we’ve done with Ziggy, he’s a therapy dog and does flyball, but I’m very excited to see what she can do and how much he’ll teach her. He has already taught her to use the dog door and helped tighten up her potty training. Lots of treats for him!

  28. Of course, I'm a pro at buying secondhand now fortunately. Truly just hoping to avoid site fees (especially ticketmaster, $40ish per ticket?! Are you kidding me?!) Thank you for the venue info 😁

  29. Yeah I cringed paying those fees and was amounted to nearly double face value. I normally try to avoid that at all costs but really wanted to go so did what I had to do.

  30. I understand that. What was face for Asheville if you don't mind me asking? I paid around $60 face in Knoxville in April at this weird seated venue, but we had a pretty good view at least.

  31. I think it was $40 before fees so probably about the same. You couldn’t possibly get much different from that venue to this one lol. I saw Modest Mouse there the same week RSK was there.

  32. So much this. I am all for adoption and rescue. However it is the rampant backyard breeding and conquest for money that contributes to the overpopulation of shelters.

  33. We expected to wait months to adopt from a Boston Terrier rescue. I know younger and healthy dogs get snapped up fast and we have another dog and a cat. A couple of dogs I asked about were adopted before I could even send the email. However once they were actually able to process our application they had a match for us very quickly. It only took a little over a week before we were able to bring her home. Her shitty back yard breeder let her sit with an eye injury for over a year before putting her on Craig’s list and she lost her eye but she’s perfect otherwise.

  34. It is so loud all of the time it’s exhausting. My husband makes fun of me because I’m always turning the volume down on the TV or car stereo but my brain is so chaotic I can’t handle it. Ironically I do have airpods in nearly all the time but I can control that. Onetime I took mushrooms and my brain was quite and it was AMAZING. I don’t think that’s the answer but it was so nice for an hour or two.

  35. That’s a great idea that I hadn’t actually thought of, thanks for the response and I’ll definitely give that a go.

  36. I have a frenchton and he was the same way between 8 months when I got him and probably about 14/16 months. He’s 18 months now and he’s chilled out a lot recently. He calmed down faster than I expected but we keep him pretty busy with classes and therapy visits.

  37. is the other dog a pitty or a boston?

  38. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but he’s still gonna do his best.

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