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  1. It’s not about climate change it’s about control. And guess who doesn’t follow the rules? The ones who make them

  2. I misread your 2/3 body length as 2-3x it’s body length and I had a quick moment of freaking the fuck out before I realized what you actually said…

  3. The snake has to put points into its talent tree for extended strikes it depends on the level of snake

  4. Some people are pieces of shit that cheat in a perfectly fine relationship. That’s the way of the world and what society promotes in media, tv, etc. That’s not a reflection on you, that’s a reflection of their fucked up head. Find yourself a trad wife but even then the odds aren’t all in your favor.

  5. Spending all evening on her phone and claiming she was too tired to do anything with me or help with chores.

  6. You just described my ex-wife to a T wow…and yes, time to focus on ourselves and get better 💪🏽

  7. Ratpacking, excessive and unused clothes and shoes stored up to the walls, her not helping clean anything, creating messes and not cleaning them up, and creating a crisis all the time when there isn’t one (especially on vacation). No more tantrums is nice 👍. Also her inability to help anyone but herself when they’re sick or need help.

  8. Buddy, file for divorce. This is a tale as old as time. Head over to the mens divorce sub. There are many many men who’ve navigated this situation. If you can afford counseling, go tomorrow. Your self respect is in the dumpster. It will get better and you will thrive. You really need to get away from this person. Your children need their dad to be strong. Make the hard choices and get out of this horrible situation.

  9. Agree it’s hard but she will just damage you throughout the process if you try to stay with someone that doesn’t want to be in a relationship. This is a pivotal moment in your life where you can focus on the children and building that next best version of yourself. You can explore new hobbies, travel places, and do those things you didn’t get to do in a relationship together.

  10. I went a couple years ago around this time. Got around fine with my all-season tires on my Camry. Maybe a little bit of ice right up near the parking lot for Bear Lake, just take it slow, no biggie.

  11. What’re the best places to hike lately? Hoping it clears in a few days

  12. That thing bites you you’ll have a 300K anti-venom bill if you’re lucky

  13. It’s all about consent. They’re setting up the road to sexual conduct between minors and adults. Once you muddy the waters on consent, anyone can. This is disgusting. I am willing to bet $1 mil that I don’t have the next thing will be consent between minors and adults.

  14. Any regrets? If you don't mind me asking, who initiated, or was it mutual?

  15. She filed not me but counseling seems like a logical step before cutting things off to dig a little deeper into things

  16. Thoughts come and go as we observe them. Some rational and some not. It’s all mindset and perspective to me. Life is hard but many good things await us each day. Learning a new skill, learning to make a new type of bread, working hard and eating a great meal, etc. It may be easy to get in a rut but just start signing up for stuff. We need change in our daily routine and life

  17. Lol do these people not realize that wearing shirts like that makes them look like a doormat to the same audience they seek to please

  18. That sheriff needs some recognition. Any sheriff that actually supports his people deserves accolades. It's too rare lately.

  19. That's why we have SBR's. Thank your local Special Forces operators for their sacrifices on finding that out.

  20. What’s the fine print there? Sbr’s have higher capacity and accuracy?

  21. I think there are some really good things on Tiktok/Instagram, but there is just as much non-sense that gets spewed. To me I look for how to improve myself or try to identify the situation I was in and how to grow/improve from it. I’m not looking to get reassurance or fuel to blame my stbxw for the decision she made.

  22. Agree, marriage is a 2 way street and there are always communication misunderstandings. If we all worked on ourselves the world would be a better place

  23. I love watching these lawn transformation videos, but yeah, I haven’t once seen a good reaction lol. The majority of these people never cared to begin with (obviously). So it’s no surprise they don’t care afterwards

  24. Idk how people can live with their yard looking like the swamps of dagobah

  25. Yes. Voting to support the current Republican Party is a much quicker route to authoritarianism than increased restrictions on guns would be.

  26. Both sides want authoritarianism, preserve the guns and 2A rights

  27. It’s not going to happen of course but it illustrates how confident and authoritarian the gun control lobby has become. Mostly it’s disappointing that CO is their first target. Of all the places they could have chosen, Denver is the top of the list. It will be interesting to see how many people they actually attract and how the Governor responds.

  28. Surprised it’s not Cali…wondering if I should stay in this state at this rate

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