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  1. You have to know where this is or it wouldn't be fun.

  2. Can we just guess? Its late and there are mosquitos and humans outside and I don't want to have to swat at either of those.

  3. I used to have one on my car, you had given it to me for free lol. I was super sad when that car broke down and had to say goodbye to the weirdlouisville bumper sticker

  4. I ran out of envelopes so I'm shipping some out tomorrow if you want another one. Everybody gets a Fenty print.

  5. I'm including a Fenty print for the first 25 people.

  6. There's some bad lettuce going around.

  7. Whoever finds it gets a free bumper sticker.

  8. Do people ever get upset at you if they catch you filming their stuff? Or do they just generally not care.

  9. Fenty the Dinosaur seems to have made a few friends.

  10. there's a blue Kentucky that i got invited to, but it's very very small and private, otherwise you know that'd be a shitshow

  11. I'm an anarchist so nothing about that piques my curiosity lol.

  12. I'm not a liberal per se, more of a leftist, but i took the invite to see what's up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  13. Ain't no banning round these parts.

  14. Lmao. I know that guy very well. He's tougher than a pine knot. He used to March for civil rights in the 60s and 70s. They threw rocks at him, threatened bodily harm and he prayed for the opportunity to knock a rednecks head off his shoulders. ✌️🙌🤲❤️ My Dawg

  15. We had a conversation for about 15 minutes. Tell him to hit me up lol.

  16. How tf does this dumb shit have more upvotes than the news article about trump stealing nuclear documents?

  17. Here's a page from an article he gave me. This guy is woke as fuck.

  18. Qdoba and Starbucks are your idea of high end? K.

  19. You think you're fuckin' better than me because I drink lukewarm Folgers from a thermos and order off the value menu at Taco Bell?

  20. Folgers crystals? Because if you brew your coffee then you is a bougie fancy mfer and you need to get on your private plane and go back to France! I didn't know that coffee didn't just dissolve in water until I was ten!

  21. Anything tastes better in a French press.

  22. This took an unreasonable amount of time to make. Enjoy!

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