Chapter 170 [English]

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  1. They changed e-wiz mechanics. He can no longer split his damage between both troops and towers. Since he was hitting the Valk, he won't be able to use his other chain to hit the inferno tower.

  2. Oh, wow. I didn't know that, thank you very much!

  3. we still don't know anything about the otsutuskis

  4. I like that idea but i think an amount of nuggets 75% of the percentage of the armour/tool durability would be better. (If a chest plate would be at 63% you would get 75% times 63% out of 72 which will be 34 iron nuggets)

  5. So... what happens when you smelt a half damaged shovel? You get the whole ingot back, right? Now you can add 2 more sticks, and now it's fully repaired?

  6. Era si cazu, ne saturasem de expozitia de aurolaci

  7. Deja se construiește acolo Marmura Residence daca nu mă înșel

  8. Din pacate , te inseli. Marmura residence este mai jos de penny si este finalizata

  9. Vreau sa il cumpar sa fac legatura dintre chitilei si bucuresti noi

  10. They're neutral tho... Does anyone remember that they dont attack during the day??

  11. How often do you find spider during the day tho (not when the night just ended)

  12. nah frogs shouldn't eat them by themselves. what about if a player grabs the firefly and shoves it in a frog

  13. I did the same with my pp and a sheep and it felt good

  14. Stiu ca prin februarie ziceau ca o sa apara pana la sfarsitul anului si ma gandeam ca poate se tin de cuvant

  15. I did, the enemy deployed hog and he did have tombstone and 6.5 elixir, he waited till the hog was halfway to tower to place the tombstone

  16. Either way that's not my point, you can call me a lier, you can call me a bad player. I just asked if it's intended behaviour for the Hog Rider only to change his target like that

  17. Why are they still blaming everything on covid though?

  18. Something that breaks logic is, by definition, absurd. So people who believe in an entity that breaks logic are admitting that they believe in something absurd.

  19. He was talking about mathematical logic, i don't understand what are you talking about

  20. Where is the word “mathematical” in OP’s text? Alternatively, what makes you think it is that way?

  21. Yea, you are right, I've misinterpreted the mathematical part. "The main difference between "Logic in Philosophy" and "Mathematical Logic" is that in the former case logic is used as a tool, while in the latter it is studied for its own sake. "

  22. The classic laugh is just funny now because of the memes

  23. Guys i think i've been watching the wrong minecraft SMP's

  24. Room doors are opening on the inside so you won't be able to exit the room unless that's a door that leads to the outside. The design is lackin'

  25. Um, what do you even mean? That's just a game 🤷‍♂️

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